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El Zuroh

Hunters Of War - NOW RECRUITING!!!!

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Hello, my name is El Zuroh and I am the leader of the newly formed 'Hunters of war' clan. We are interested in new recruits to join us and if you want to please contact me on xbox. Send a message to either El Zuroh, Wizardpebble, PoloXII. It is preferable if you are 13 or above with a mic.


Our clan is a militaristic style clan, but we like to have fun and mess around on custom games. We are quite banterish. We have also got a devised ranking system.


We have a few divisions also (basically a sector you will be in in the clan, it will mean what kind of weaponry and veichles you use).


Right now the current divisions are:





Honour Guards


Air Force


And a mercenary group called Zuroh Special Forces.


If you are interested to join or even ally please message one of the above on a XBL and we will sort you out with a division.

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