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Bungie releases 5 new Destiny video's

Unease Peanut

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New Destiny footage?! You know you want this!




Bungie has uploaded 5 more video's to showcase their new baby. 5 video's!

Okay now don't get too excited because their just about 15 seconds long... I know... Dissappointment

But with the video's they released earlier this week this adds up to 8 video's in just a few days time.



Video 1




Now would you look at that. It looks so pretty, so smooth, so wow.

This might show a group of players entering in some sort of raid.

(Thanks to JL on that last line!)


Video 2




This video shows the planet Earth first and then a map. Will this map be the entire playground? And will the other 3 planets have the same size playable area's?



Video 3




Here you see some ships flying... Whoopie. But this opens up some questions.

Are these used for transport only? Or are they used in combat?


Video 4 and 5 are at the bottom of this next link.

I couldn't share it any other way. Sorry.




Video 4 shows the amount of choas involved in combat. Literally everything is happening!


Video 5 shows an enemy fron The Fallen faction shooting his gun. I guess this is to shows off animations?


Will you be getting this game?

Leave answers and comments down below!


Thanks for reading! :D




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