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Halo CE android?

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First I would like to say that I in no way want to support or promote any illegal copying of game's, that being said I have been finding a growing number of youtube video's of a supposed Halo CE playable mod or homebred version of Halo CE, what strikes me as odd is all of these youtube video's are in Spanish, I can not find one that is written in another language was wondering if that is why Microsoft has not had the video's pulled or are they all fakes, some are pretty convincing.



I ask 2 questions to you as anyone can look them up on youtube although I do not recommend downloading anything. First what do you think of Halo any classic version of the game being on a android phone or any phone for or tablet for that matter and Second if you have looked at the youtube video's do you belive its real or a home brewed game? feel free to speak your mind and expand on this topic.

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