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Halo 4 Lost Medals Chronicles

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So we finished the Halo 4 Lost Medals Chronicles, ep 1 quite awhile back and are starting on ep 2. Today I'm here to see if anyone has an awesome, long-range stick we can use for the next episode. The medals have already been created and the announcer voice recorded, all we need to do is get the footage to finish the episode. Feel free to post in here a link to your long range sticky, add more ideas for future medals, or share your favorite part.


Here's ep #1 for those who've missed it:




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I like the idea, the sound editing just needs some work like "lost the lead" and the medal sounds would randomly play even when no medal was shown. Also some of the thinks just seem to drag out like waiting for you to get those 5 kills. You should just name the criteria for the medal and get it so the we don't have to see five setup kills. Overall nice job I like the concept keep doing these they are bound to get better with time. 

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