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I have made this topic in reply to Total Mayh3m's speech over the change of the Community Forums. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/23323-a-message-to-the-community/

  1. Just Like Old Times, eh Bud- Alright, so I see a bundle of you guys all in the Shoutbox everyday or in the forums making posts. I also see some of you guys getting your names mentioned, or maybe I see you post a status update. Well, sadly, whenever I look at the Status Updates, which is the only place where it's the same as always, everyone acts as the Community did way back in July 2012. It seems that everyone is friendly in the Status Updates, why you ask? I think it's because people only reply in Status Updates if it's their friend, if they're not your friend, then they most likely ignore the entire thing, which brings me back to the topic itself.

  1. There's no such thing as a bad game, only a bad player- I see a bunch of you guys, let it be ANYWHERE on the forums, let that be as it may, but I do see some really ugly creatures out there as well. I'm not talking about Covies either, I'm talking about Insurrectionists. I see a lot of people flaming other members, what has happened, may I ask? You guys were all so well, and so nice to each other a long long time ago. What has happened??? I know that you guys are going to reply saying things like “It's the way I am, deal with it.” or maybe something like “Shut up, you don't mean a damn thing to me.” or there's those of you who say things like “Pffft, why the hell do you care about me? I don't care about you. Now beat it.”. But we all know that deep down on the inside, you have something else going on. Let it be family problems, stress, school, school work, work, bullies, or just something that is bothering you. Don't let that stuff get to you, geez, I mean, we all do hate things like that, Absolute Dog is a real good example at against bullying. Just keep it down, don't let it out on your friends, or any of us.

  1. If only it were so easy- This site is a Community, what do we do? We work together and help each other out at the best of our ability. As Mayh3m posted, he sees people redirect them to halo.xbox.com, but I would like to know; why do we do it? If people come here to 343 Industries Community Forums looking for help, then they are here for OUR help, telling them to go to halo.xbox.com is just a waste of our time and their time. How about instead of redirecting them, we do it this way: “These aren't the official forums, but I will try to help you out the best I can, if I can't, maybe another member can.” or something like this “We can try to help you out, what is it that you're having problems with?” But if it's something no one can answer, one person just needs to say “None of us know what your problem is, wish we could help, but you'll have to try Halo Waypoint; you might get lucky and find an answer there. If you don't have the link, I can give it to you if you wish.” Just simple things like that will make it look better for us.

  1. :troll:- now we all like to troll here and there every once and awhile. I'll admit, even I do. But I think it's time we put the trolling down a tad bit. I mean, if it's during a time when the Shoutbox is quiet, and you guys want to mess around, I mean sure, go ahead lets have some fun. But constant trolling and flaming isn't good for us. Imagine this, there's a 12 year old child with leukemia and all we do is troll him and flame him. Later on, the kid writes a Status Update that day- “I came to this site to get help, I only have two months left before I die of leukemia, and all people on the internet do is bully me and think it's funny. I am crying in tears as I type this, I have my mother holding me and my older sister trying to calm me down, thanks you guys.”

  1. Haters gone Hating- Alright, so yes we get it, this is a Halo fan site; but I guess you guys haven't read the section called 'Other Games', so that means we must at LEAST talk about one other game. A really good example of this would be Call of Duty, one of Halo's most competitive games made. I have noticed that some of you guys talk trash about it to other members just to flame them, but truth is, it's not that bad of a game as people say it is. Many of you who talk trash about it have a copy of one of the games anyways! So there's no real point in flaming other members over it, who knows? Maybe one of your best friends on here love that game, but they see you talking trash and then they ease their way out of the friendship, and then turn around to your enemies side.

  1. Theater Talk- One of the most popular things that happen in the Shoutbox is Back Seat Moderating let it be accidental or intended. Doesn't matter. If you have noticed, which I bet you have, members get really upset when you back seat moderate, especially the Moderators, it's not your job so maybe it's best we all keep away from it. When someone back seat moderates for breaking a rule, not only do they break that rule, but they do cause a disruption. In order to back seat moderate, they have to break a rule, so you are yelling at them for breaking a rule, whilst breaking it yourself. But we all know, once one member gets upset after this an argument occurs and sides are taken in the fight. Which then causes more trouble for our beloved Moderating Team, so I say we just keep it clean and leave it where it lay. Saying something occasionally like “Hey, I'm being nice about this, but please don't do that, it's actually against the rules, we'd hate to see a member like you leave.” If they get upset, just ignore it, let a Moderator handle it if they see it go out of control.

  1. Fun with some keg- Alright my last one, TM did say we don't have much fun anymore, right? Like making threads and having fun with Absolute Dog, Spectral Jester, or Twam. Now how about we get something like that set up again? Get some fun going with the moderators? I mean, the Mods have fun with you, changing your name and that, I even think it's fun when they do do that. Don't complain about it, they'll change it back. But that's not everything, you guys remember in any Halo game when you got an adrenaline rush over something exciting? Well if you are having one of those and so happen to be here, why not let the fun explode right out of you? As long as it's not to critical, doesn't kill someone, or breaks any rules; then give it a go! I mean, everyone loves to get involved, you just don't know it.

  2. How to ignore someone: Go to top right corner of the website > pull the drop box down by your name > click Ignore | Preferences > type the name of the person you wish to ignore > add them to ignore list. This is how you ignore someone, but keep in mind, you can still see their shouts and all of that, but just like ignoring someone, you can choose to listen to them. But this is at your very own risk, no one else.

  3. How to report someone (via post/topic): Go to their post > on the bottom right of the post it says 'Quote' 'Multiquote' and 'Report' > Click report > submit how the post affects YOU. Also, please don't swear or break any rule, make a simple reason explaining why you reported it so you don't get in trouble as well.

  4. How to report someone (General): Go to the users profile > under Latest Visitors will be a button saying 'Report Member' > Once you have clicked it submit explaining what the member has done, it does not display quote for quote what you are submitting about; but you can copy and paste it. I advise you do it the same as if you were reporting via post/topic, that way you don't get in trouble for that either.

My Personal Advice: “Watch out for Hammer, Bro.” :troll:

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Thank you for posting this Fishy...I think it really captured the essence of what needed to be said...whether people agree or not.

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