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New "The Amazing Spider-man" news and gameplay.

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As you all know, our favorite weslinger is returning to the big screen once again! But you can't forget his leap to your Home consoles! Alot of new things about the game have been released.


Oh boy! did you see that? Free roam is returning. And along with free roam, they introduce "web rush" which in the gameplay, you see can be used in so many ways! Tactical, at the most. But as you saw, it can enhance the gameplay when it comes to encounters with enemies,and it also increases teh way you move through the city!



The camera has been moved closer to Spider-man, which we've al noticed. Why did they do that? "We've actually taken the camera, and put it much closer to spider-man.As you swing throught the city, it gives you a feeling of velocity and vertigo!" says Brant Nicholas, the executive producer if the game.



There is also a pre-order bonus. You get to play as Co-creator of spider-man, STAN LEE! no, seriously, you get to play as Stan lee. The gameplay doesn't change in anyway though. But there's also a Rhino playable character, where you try to smash the city as much as possible. Which seems very very fun!



NOTICE: i may or may not update this as the game releases, june 26 2012

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look up in the sky! it's a bird,its a plane,no,its stan lee!

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