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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so what do you guys think of brutes? Well, i like the brutes but they messed up the brutes in halo reach. I did not like them. If brutes return in halo 4,i would like them to return as they were in halo 2. They were strong,angry, ape looking aliens lol. They had high health. Brutes were best in halo 2. Brutes are also stronger then elites. Maybe hunters. Brutes rage more then elites. Brutes throw down thier weapons on halo 2 and brutally attack you till you die!!!! I just jump when they try punching me. Ok so will there be sentinels and the rest of the oracles in halo 4? Will the lazer beam come back? And what is UNSC infinity? I heard its a spartan ship or something. Is the infinity like some ship that took off into space and found that forrunner planet? Im guesssing the chief will fight with spartans in the campaign. That would be cool. And the covenant? The elites vs humans again??? Im guessing the same thing that i guessed about infinity and covie fleets landed there years before the truce of elites and humans. They dont know how to escape the planet or something? Well anyways, at the end of halo 4, will master chief and infinity return to the rest of humans and the arbiter from halo 3? Theres probably a 50% chance because in the trailer for halo 4, cortana was pissed and didnt want chief to leave the planet. I think the ancient awakening took her over and stuff and wont let john leave. Oh and will there please be a part in halo 4 where the elites and chief run into each other and the elites try to kill him and cortana or john tells the elites about the betrayal of the prophets and some elites stay on covie side because tghey dont believe them annd some do and the humans start teaming up with the elites and kill the new enemy and covies. I would love to have a part in there teaming up with elites. There was only one time in halo 3 to fight beside elites in floodgate. Besides the arbiter. PLEASE!!! Who agrees?? And in halo 5 there should be a brute chieftan prophet leading the covenant. A brute like tarturus in halo 2. Oh yea i doubt this will happen though but i want a flood firefight. Well bye and thanks for reading my opinions and guesses.
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