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Found 7 results

  1. Halo 4, **** your broken ass betrayal system. If some dude jumps on a tank I'm in the process of destroying, that shouldn't be a betrayal. If a banshee bomb takes out a team mate who magically teleports out of nowhere cuz of your massive lagging, that shouldn't be a betrayal. Basically, why does the betrayal system suck so bad? If I'm taking off in a banshee, and the wing clips a dude who was also trying to get in the banshee and kills him, that shouldn't be a betrayal. Sitting here writing this after that just happened. **** you, 343. If I'm barely moving in a wraith, and I happen to nudge a teammate because one or both of us are dodging fire, that shouldn't be a betrayal. If I'm trying to go somewhere in a slow ass tank and some dumbass is hopping around trying to get in the machine gun turret and , due to his own stupidity in getting in front of a moving tank , gets run over, that shouldn't be a betrayal. I mean, who would do that IRL? Who is that stupid? 'Lemme get in front of this 50 tonne moving war machine and jump around.' Oh, speaking of! And if , while he's hopping around , I fire and he gets hit, that shouldn't be a betrayal. Who stands in front of firing guns? Whose fault is that, really?
  2. Alright, so I was playing Grifball, as it gets you the most credits on Halo Reach, and I am trying to become a Brigadier. In the second round, I believe, two of my team mates quit, as well as a member of the enemy team. I was left with a team member that goes by the name, who I did not know was friends with the other players on the other team,(sorry, I don't know why the font changed, this is my first post) and took the opportunity to troll me. I thought that we might have a chance of winning, but then he betrayed me. I thought it might have just been an accident, until the enemies, as well as, began to spawn-kill me. I tried to take a stand, as I heard that you would get a high credit jackpot during bull-crap positions like that one. After being spawn-killed numerous times(and mostly by my own team mate,too) I began to randomly smash my gravity hammer. I managed to get a double kill, but then again betrayed. What made me mad was that I took the ball, and was betrayed by my own team mate, and he picked up the ball, and dropped it so the other team could pick it up . I dare not quit, I wanted to show them that I could take being trolled. They began to toy me, jumping around, trying to provoke me, and crouching next to the bomb plate, then dropping the bomb on it. Now thinking on it, I probably should have quit, as they were getting sprees and lots of credits, as well as probably boosting their commendations, which may have earned them about 12,000 credits, whereas I only earned a measly 3000. I wish that 343 were to know about this, and I know that I sound like I'm whining, and 343 is working hard on their next Halo, but I know that somebody out there makes sure nobody hacks or cheats, and I consider this cheating. I think that they should be punished, especially, I maybe I should get a small reward. Well, that wraps up my post, Merry Christmas!
  3. 343 Industries, Thank you for allowing a player named "BLACKMARCOS" (tag: AQUI) to destroy all of our Mantis during the SHOOTOUT IN VALHALLA (TWO GIANTS). We could not kick him out or betray him. I appreciate the awesome game I DID NOT have while he was destroying us. I understand you do not want people killing each other in the game, but you can still destroy each other's vehicles. Way to make that possible. I am not a fan of Halo 4 for many reasons. 1. What is the deal with the shark and the sting ray? 2. The scoring on this game is horrible. Kill/Death ratio should determine how good your score is, not random medals. Who cares if someone gets a railgun kill if they have a K/D ratio of -4. 3. Carnage Report is difficult to read. Put us all in one screen so I don't have to scroll down to see people please. 4. Ordinances are horrible. You're giving special weapons to people who play well. Very unfair. 5. The lag on Spartan Ops is getting out of control. The missions are not even fun anymore. 6. I can only vote once on a map? I can't change my mind? 7. Too many loadout options. Dumb. 8. How about putting some weapons on the maps. I run out of ammo every time before I can find another weapon. 9. FRIENDLY FIRE SHOULD BE TURNED ON!!!
  4. Dear Halo Community, I have been a Halo fan since the beginning. I love pretty much everything about it. The only thing I absolutely hate is players who kill their teammates. Seriously, what the heck is that all about? Out of all the multiplayer games I have played in my life it seems the halo community has the most team killing jerks. Why even bother? It ruins the game not only for the victim but for the team as well (lowering team score in slayer for example). It's not like you're actually playing the game, so why do it? Stop being ********. To 343, I appreciate the no ff in big team infinity slayer, but there is still a large population who just run their teammates over with vehicles. To be honest I'm surprised there are game modes with ff on such as dominion. Seriously Halo Community, WTF!?!?
  5. Some people were doing a wall glitch in Flood on Complex online. I was NOT one of them. I didn't even know this was possible. Somehow, one of the people died and I got a betrayal for it, even though I hadn't fired a single shot or thrown a grenade that round. I then got booted for it. I saved the film clip, it's in my file share. xX Rude Hero Xx Too many glitches all over, it's inexcusable, and when someone else does one and I get booted innocently for it, that's ridiculous.
  6. While playing Flood as a Spartan, another Spartan approached two of us but he had a red Player tag, was all grey as opposed to being yellow like the rest of us and he showed up as a hostile unit on the radar. At first, I didn't realize that he was a Spartan, due to the red tag, grey skin and radar signature. Both I and my teammate shot and killed him with no warnings. When he returned, he still had the red tag, this time when I killed him, I got a betrayal warning. He came back once more but was killed by a Flood and converted. When I played back the match in Theater mode, I watched it in his perspective and noticed that both of us had red Player tags and also showed up as hostile on his radar. What's going on? I have uploaded 2 replay clips to see what I'm talking about. Just search K0ldshot (the "0" is a zero) in the File Share Search. The Fist clip is from my perspective and is called Betrayal 1 The second clip is from the other player's perspective called Betrayal 2
  7. Why does Halo need friendly fire in order to be Halo? People argue that friendly fire as a feature in Halo is a good thing because it encourages people to be careful, tactical and skilful which allows for a little more realism which brings us closer to a war-like feeling. I would argue this: In real life, people who fight are trained vigerously. If one of them mowed down a few of their squad members and started complaining about how his squad mates ran in front of his bullets or didn't get out of the way when he threw a grenade to his officer things wouldn't go too well for that guy. Or maybe if he said: "Sir, Jay and Wilson had our sniper rifles for two missions now. I was just a little frustrated, don't worry, they'll respawn." Obviously that is not real and in 99.9-bar of all cases (which is mathematically equivalent to 100 but whatever [lol University]) it would never happen. So when I'm getting team-killed by some 11 year old who has his hands full with trying to kill me and getting his dad to bring him that freaking chocolate milk I really do not view friendly fire as something that adds realism. Most people don't give a crap about team-killing and don't act as if we've had points (sometimes) where we haven't either. Sometimes I'm annoyed playing Halo and some guy in griffball will betray me and I will just spawn kill him until the game is over or until he quits. Which brings me to another point. No one learns from betraying people. If anyone on this forum betrays anybody do they try and be more careful next time? Maybe that game. After that though they will throw grenades exactly the same etc. Play styles don't change in Halo. Halo players already aren't that careful. They throw grenades where they see action. Don't act like you don't do it sometimes. If you saw an 3 enemies with low shields smacking around one of your allies would you throw a grenade for the triple knowing you wouldn't get a betrayal for it (but it actually is)? You probably would. This isn't a bad thing, it's a video game. I don't expect people to play like highly trained soldiers (you can't anyway given control restrictions). There is a solution though. A solution that can help us avoid dumb decisions, no friendly fire. IF ONLY the real world had this. So please (willy wonka meme), tell me why we need team-killing in Halo and how it adds ANYTHING
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