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Found 2 results

  1. It seems like 343i didn't want to deal with betrayals so much, but I really hate the new system of no-team damage. I can't count the number of times I've snuck up on a pair of the enemy and been about to get a double-kill or triple-kill, then some banshee or tank just fires. And somehow, what should result in a double or triple betrayal, is just killing me. It's just wrong that they can fire indiscriminately and kill enemies without harming their team-mates in the slightest. It's not just vehicles, either. People do it with rocket-launchers and sticky detonators, too. I've seen people put stickies on their own guys, and when someone assassinates they blow the sticky. They get a showstopper, and for what? Not skill, but exploiting a loophole in the new betrayal and team-damage system. And then on the other hand, I get run over by team-mates in warthogs or ghosts, because they want my ordnance drop I just picked up. Do I EVER get the option to boot them? Of course not--it literally hasn't given me that choice once. How is that fair? I've been doing good, I get an ordnance sniper, and BAM! Nope, Chuck Testa, it's his! In some ways, this system of betrayal is better, because in Reach the problem was getting betrayed in the first 10 seconds, or getting shot up, but not killed so that you were always an easy kill for the enemy. Seriously, they can monitor well enough to tell when someone is boosting, but they can't write a program that tells them there are jerks ruining games in the first ten seconds, when there's not an enemy in sight? What are your thoughts on the new team-damage/betrayal system? Like? Dislike? Hate the unliving guts of?
  2. First of all, when it comes to being betrayed most people do it just to go lolol, and do it around 2-3 times and get away with not being booted, and this is very annoying. What i have in mind is, if you shoot your teammate insiting on betraying them, you should take the damage from what you have done to them, Rebounded damage. This would also help with noobs throwing grenades trying to help but just makes it worse, making people more skilled knowing when to throw grenade and shoot power weapons and etc. Booting how many kills should it take for someone to get booted in a single game? 2. This is debateable i want to know everyones opinions about this.
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