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Found 4 results

  1. I'm thinking that 343 Industries could make a new Halo game for the iPhone, Android, etc. using Halo Wars, Clash of Clans, Rival Kingdoms and Star Wars Commander as inspiration, just make it their own. I'm thinking their company could try reaching out to mobile phone users and also people who don't have the time or patience for traditional rts games. I would buy it. How many of you would? If you would buy a game like that. Post a similar topic. Maybe somebody on the design team will notice. ~Camden Hesterberg
  2. Hello my gamertag is Dman727, I've been a Halo fan and player since the very beginning. I just today completed all of the Achievements for Halo:Spartan Assault...or so I thought . For the "Extra Credit" achievement where you need to complete all Mission Specific Assault Ops. I completed all 90 but the counter reads 89/90. This is because in the mission specific assault op for the very first mission A-1, there is one op that reads around 250/3 instead of what it should be, 3/3. I needed to frag grenade 3 grunt minors, and i have done that and much much more. I also cannot wait for the Master Chief Collection, Halo Nightfall, the Halo show, and Halo 5 Guardians! 343 Industries really have outdone themselves with the amount of content they will be releasing within the next year and few months.
  3. Present halo's game mechanics and emphasize the skill personality. I think this is a subtle, but signifigant thing. Halo developers have never really openly just explained certain game mechanics like the overcharge on the plasma pistol or the instant kill for hitting someone from behind. There were hints and tips at the matchmaking lobby for halo 3 and Reach I think, but they were taken out of halo 4. Halo only has so many gameplay dynamics like EMPs and beatdowns. Then there's things like crouch jumping, plasma grenade launching and etc. The main mechanics however are a big part and most new players or even casual veterens won't take the time to read weapon details or experiment, or read the manual. So basically what I'm saying is to really shove those things in our faces. Maybe have it so when you're holding a plasma pistol that there's notification on your HUD that says "Hold__________to charge". There could be an option in settings to turn off weapon hints too. And put in details for weapon descriptions that say things like "Rapidly depletes shields". There is a good bit of players out there, probably all noobs, that don't realize shield dynamics. Bring back hints at the matchmaking screen that say "Headshots for precision weapons only count when energy shields are down" or something. The other topic is emphasizing halo's skill set. Don't amp up auto-aim on snipers, or take things out of the game for the sake of new players. A lot of noobs and players out there already thought and still think halo takes no skill because they can choose to play sloppy and easily get 1 or 2 kills per life. Most of US don't do that though. Noobs don't really think about deep team-play skills when they play halo for some reason. They don't think about using power weapons like the railgun or rocket launcher to take out enemy vehicles and get multi-kills instead of being selfish and wasting them on minor targets. A lot of noobs don't figure out game mechanics either. So it's a seriously false judgement they make saying "Halo takes no skill" or assuming it has no deep dynamics. Really emphasize the skillset and bring back things like the grav-lift equipment, or those other unique weapons with a learning curve like the grenade launcher from Reach. The dominant atmosphere for all games should be having power weapons only on the map in most gametypes, and power-ups on maps more often. Ordanance should be rare, maybe only certain medals like kill-joys and killing sprees earn up to ordnance. By only power weapons on maps I mean rocket launcher, fuel rod, all snipers...things like that. Then weapons like the SAW and shotguns could be ordnances. Bring back active camo as a power-up too. There could be certain ordnance power ups like damage boost and speedboost for ordnance. Since ordnance is harder to get they might last longer or have more effect. Then overshield and active camo could be on the maps.
  4. Here are some cool concept art images from 343's newest game, Halo: Spartan Assault. It kinda looks like it would be awesome if this were all in Halo Wars. Base Overrun A standoff against the Covenant from a base with a major height advantage. Dark Perch A bridge scene that could be an excavation site. Covenant seem to have taken over this area. Desert Trek An awesome shot of a Scorpion rolling through a desert area similar to the one in Halo 4's Campaign minus the dark lava in some of the rocks. Draetheus V A very cool image of where this game could be taking place, I know nothing about it. Frozen Tornado A pretty great image of an arctic tundra where one UNSC unit is passing through. Use the Marines as scale. Yeah. Light Perch Here's the cool bridge scene we saw earlier before it was overrun by the Covenant. Schism These rocks are falling into something but I have no idea what. It look pretty cool though. All in all, if I had a Windows 8 Phone already or a Microsoft Surface I'd probably get this game. I think it would've been better as a second Halo console RTS but there's no denying how cool these concept art images look. Talk it out. Images courtesy of Halo Waypoint.
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