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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I built an app called “Spartan Up" to find other Halo players to play with on Xbox Live based on what game modes want to play. Players set up a profile, go online, see who else is online, notify each other you want to play. It’s like a “Looking For Group” service, but more streamlined without having to go onto a forum or website. Website: http://spartanup.tk/ iPhone Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spartan-up/id1050542554?mt=8 This is a first build of the app so feedback is appreciated. Q. What platforms does the app support? A. Currently, there’s just an iPhone version. I’m interested in working on an Android and/or Windows Phone version of the app depending on the feedback. Q. This app sounds like “Spartan Companies”. A. It is…but a very minimalistic version of it! I was surprised at the release of Spartan Companies and it got announced so late in my development that I didn’t want to throw everything away. Hopefully, my app will be useful for the ones not interested in browsing the website all the time or do not have a computer handy next to them. Q. Does your app integrate with the new Halo 5 API? A. Unfortunately, no. Again, this was announced so late in my development that I didn’t get a chance to use it and it wasn’t part of my initial plans. Perhaps in a future release. Thanks all!
  2. I'm thinking that 343 Industries could make a new Halo game for the iPhone, Android, etc. using Halo Wars, Clash of Clans, Rival Kingdoms and Star Wars Commander as inspiration, just make it their own. I'm thinking their company could try reaching out to mobile phone users and also people who don't have the time or patience for traditional rts games. I would buy it. How many of you would? If you would buy a game like that. Post a similar topic. Maybe somebody on the design team will notice. ~Camden Hesterberg
  3. Earlier this week, some how out of the blue, someone managed to come up with certain text message with english, arabic symbols that mean nothing and 1 japanese character that make your phone restart after 15 seconds. All your Iphone has to do is receive the message and boom, the phone restarts. Apple has claimed they are working on a fix, but for right now, anyone with an Iphone is susceptible to this annoying code. Good thing I don't have an Iphone! Phew! What do you all think? Is this a code somebody stumbled upon? Or was it created to wreak havoc among the populous.
  4. Trying to get the word out about this awesome iPad app for Halo 4. The app gives a breakdown of every game you've played (or anyone else you want to follow) and shows you every weapon kill you get along w/ your medals and basic K/D, assists, betrayals, etc, tap on any weapon or medal to get a full description and a bunch of other cool features. All for free and no need to login to an Xbox Live account! The app actually gets the stats before you exit black screen on the Xbox! While you are in black screen (right after a game ends), pull to refresh the app Download: Spartan Stats HD Here are some pics:
  5. Just want personal opinions and if you don't like what someone says please don't go crazy and start a fight in this topic handle it in PMs Me an my friends personal thoughts are Too big of a deal when, IMO, it's not too much different from the 4s, or 4 I like the headphone jack on the top better Add more than just passbook to the new factory settings Stop this silly rivalry with google and add the youtube app again Don't charge tons of money for the Apple made apps (One everybody wants) Just a simple flash player When first turning on your NEW Iphone 5 have a pick of your "style." Saying when you start it up it will say choose your pre-set settings. Gamer, Business, Default, and maybe a fw others would be a choice (kinda adding on to # 3) be able to revert to previous versions of IOS (I and some others personally don't like IOS 6) That's all he has but please leave ideas/thoughts on iphone and if you would recommend waiting or getting an iphone 4 or 4s (this topic was made for an undecided friend)
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