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Found 9 results

  1. From the album: another sketch

    as stated before i drew this today for my friend dakota. how does it look for a quick sketch?
  2. A gender bent Ichigo Hollow mask concepts
  3. Concepts of my soldiers. Environment practice
  4. Consider this my mini portfolio.
  5. Chapter 5 Atlanta, GAP HQ, command center, 12:00 PM, April 3, 2100 The circular command center had many communication consoles, similar to the N.C.F. labs. “What is it?” Kert said as he walked to an operator, the group followed him. “We had a few calls about a disturbance around the city, they report seeing something strange. In the same area parts of the city have been destroyed, people evacuated 30 minutes ago.” the group laid quiet, “The last report of the creature was that it headed West, towards an old construction site.” he pressed a button, turning the holographic mint green map. “Was it the Kasara?” Carry asked. “I don't think so, it was said to be very big and inhuman..” Carry noticed Raiku was silent, as if thinking...”The attack behavior is odd...” he said. “What do you mean?” the operator said. “The Kasara are known for coming with their creatures, since when have they sent just animals? Besides the Nevada incident?” everyone was silent...”There have not been Kasara attacks in a while. In that case, something seems wrong here...” he rested his hand against his chin, calm and focused. “Who else do you think is up to this?” Glard asked. “****, with all the crazy stuff happening everyday, I don't know.” the operator said. “If it's something new, we'd ought to be careful...” Kert said. “It's probably just some loose xaraki, I can handle it, I can bring a few troopers with me.” Raiku stated. “Ok, report to us soon.” “Good luck.” Carry said. Raiku nodded, then headed out the room. In the hall of the armory, after getting his desired weapons, 4 grenades, assault rifle, and magnum, he went to two troopers around. Off duty after returning from patrol. “I need help with a mission, are you in?” they nodded, “Alright come on.” the group walked out to the shuttle bay, going to a elevator. The light racing past his visor. The city was experiencing cloudiness, it was a very gloomy day. The dropship hovered about over the sighting locations. “The last sightings were reported 30 minutes ago in the construction site. I'll stay at the LZ, give me a call when you're done.” the pilot said. The ship overlooked the site. Raiku saw before him a large, sandy wasteland, filled with left behind cranes and unfinished buildings. The wind blew softly. The ship lowered as sand blew away. The troops hopped out, and the ship hovered about. Raiku pointed forward, and the team sprinted near a unfinished building, checking their surroundings quickly, Raiku being the fastest. They made it to a open area, surrounded by smaller buildings, a few large bars were on the sand. The cyborg activated his heat vision in his visor, seeing the world in red and yellow. “Anything?” the female trooper said to the other. “Nothing..” he looked at his motion tracker in his visor, it was a blue circle, red dots meant heat signatures. The group went deeper in the site, going West. The battered tractors and earth movers were old and rusty. As Raiku examined the area, he wondered if the Kasara were up to this. He aimed his gun at smaller buildings, he also looked for footprints. “Hey sir.” a trooper said pointing at a large, bent vehicle, fire rose from it as it crackled, something strong battered it... “Do you reckon a xaraki did that?” Raiku did not think it added up. These creatures usually stayed away from cities. They stayed in shadows, they were very active at night, but were seen a lot during the day. “We could check the south.” the man said, “the large--” the loud CRACK!!! in the distance made everyone jump, the dropship in the distance engulfed in flames, falling down on the soft sand. The wave of fear washed over the troops, confused and shocked. The sudden stream of purple ran through the female trooper as she made a run to the ship. Raiku turned to the tumbling body, rushing to her-- the large speeding fireball smashed the last trooper, right in his gut as he screamed, tumbling away.. The cyborg aimed around him, searching the buildings. Searching anywhere...From the corner of his right. Not far from him. In the direction of the fire.. The tall muscular avian-like figure walked slowly in his path. It was still, its rich gold visor locked to his.. Raiku was shocked at his features: Lots of armor plating, large spikes curving forward, and a helmet, like his...It looked like him...It growled. The animal ran to him at lightning speed, Raiku's shots bounced off the unknown material. The enemy punches came from many direction, fast and hard. The cyborg blocked for his life, not ready to fight a foe that matched his speed. The animal rushed two hard fist to his face, watching them grabbed. The two animals shared glares. The armored fingers swiped across Raiku's face, forcing him to back away. The creature backed, jumping to kick. Raiku dashed forward with his weapon high, feeling the bud of the rifle smash its legs, forcing him to fall-- but the animal dashed forward, its armored, triple jointed legs smashed his face, sharing his own attacks. As if bored, it backed away, crouching. Confused, Raiku took aim, watching the energy pepper the sand as the new enemy turned away, sprinting to the area with tall buildings. He followed. Between the two large buildings, his assault rifle was useless, the creature was too fast. After setting the weapon on his side, the cyborg increased his speed, running by the animal. His first punch hit the big crest on its head, feeling the animal hit back, the two creatures constantly parted before colliding to hit. They came out in the open, away from the buildings, their clawed feet sunk in the sand. Parted from each other.. This new enemy, his armor had Raiku wonder as he looked, his visor scanned, the calculations ran fast: Armed unit, theropod life form, unknown origin, threat level: unknown...It had bird-like bone structure. The animal sniffled. Then suddenly began to speak, its voice deep and direct, “Your strength does not scare me, tarlok. I will destroy you and your kind.” Washed in confusion, Raiku found himself dodging from the barrage of streaming red static, zooming to him. The warm splash of sand and static landed on his heels-- ducking to avoid the second attack. As the creature shrieked in rage, the static formed to large thin lashing sheets zooming to him as the hummed. The stampede of energy splashed by him, hitting the sand as he moved left, his rifle firing. The creature zoomed forward, his fingers and arms spread out, the hands lit by static. As the first attacks hit Raiku's arms as he blocked, the cyborg sidestepped right, swiping his hand claws across the side of the attacker's back plates. The creature turned fast, swiping his clawed hand to hit his face. The two shared attacks again, dodging their lightning-fast reflexes, constantly landing hits. The creature, filled with rage in a split second, charged again. This was defiantly the most persistent enemy he has ever fought. Within only a second, the animal just darted by him, heading to a large brick supply building. As Raiku followed, he kept running, not turning back as the building was closer, it had a few windows. The first attack cam across Raiku's helmet, the clawed fingers dented and scratched it. After giving his own blows, he noticed the enemy moved quicker-- more interested in killing him. His thick, bird-like leg smashed his side, forcing him quickly against the concrete of the building, the many concrete pieces barely scratched his visor. The barrage of punches came, straight to the gut, denting the padding. Dizzy, Raiku felt himself smashed to the ground, his head dizzy, his vision blurry. The creature stood tall, hovering over him. Lurching up quickly, Raiku's hands sizzled as he ascended forward, clamped together. The sizzling hands smashed the hard armored gut, the cracking unknown material's sparks flew wildly. The creature was pushed back 2 meters, quickly running back. The hard punches impacted his beaked mouth, the 6 other punches smashed his sides, denting his plates. The hits focused on his mouth, the bleeding area leaked to the side, flying to the sand-- the red, large electric sphere came suddenly, the strong force pushed the cyborg back meters away. The mood of this enemy was very different now, he was screaming, the spikes on the side of his plating spreading out. He was angry. The speeding beast jumped forward, landing on the roof of the building. The red static sphere grew wildly in his hands, throbbing. In the left palm, it was different. The ball of throbbing fire grew slower, leaking between the fingers. Getting up, Raiku turned forward, far from the building. The creature lit up like a fiery candle, sparkling as the red streams of static circled around him. Seeing the claws set together, seeing the thick arms move to the side, he knew what he was doing. He was going to strike. He wanted to collide powers... Raiku, in the instant his hands moved to his side, clamped together, the strong surge of static circled him. Originating from the padding on his hands, emitting power wildly. The shaking power sphere grew each second, forcing him to spread his hands. The creature afar kept charging, his battle cry loud and echoing. He combined fire, and electricity... “Electric!!” he suddenly screamed, as his hands came together slowly...Raiku's attack was nearly fully charged, his sphere was finished growing. From the distance, the creature shifted. Stomping forward to release the big, spinning, burning blow. Letting out the loud scream, “Pyro!!!!!!!!!!!” At the very same time, with a grunt, Raiku unleashed his warm stream of lightning, zooming forward as it sizzled across the sand land. As the two powers ascended closer, things seemed to go in slow motion. The two massive powers had crashed at last, sparkling wildly, fighting for space. The bright purple electric light in the middle could be seen from miles, sizzling. The ferocious fighters struggled greatly, stepping forward slightly. The heat grew in Raiku's hands, the power was too much, he could not give up. The enemy's fire grew closer, overwhelming the static. Hands had grown hot, he never had to use this much power for anything...In seconds the static started to move forward, heading for it, Raiku was winning. From a distance, Raiku could see the screaming beast's fire rise from the body. The stream of fire accelerated closer, as the beast grunted, beating the static...From Raiku's end, the streaming fireball increased speed, the heat on his hands grew warmer, the speeding fire was brighter. Second by second it grew closer, the sand beneath started to burn. The brick building the enemy stood on warmed with fire, the roof metal bent down suddenly, the intense heat was too much. The grunting cyborg backed up, lowered as the power started to get to him, the electric fire sizzled closer. He thought he could feel the heat. The burning light was just meters away. At only 20 feet away, the fire's heat warmed the armor, the light growing brighter...Things went slowly...Soundless almost...The struggling cyborg was silent. Staring at the burning doom, almost unready...At 6 feet away, the heat hurt his eyes. Under the tented visor. The thin pupils dilating...The sudden KR-BOOOOOOM!!!!! echoed, the streaming fire smashed its target hard and fast. The sparkling explosions crackled. Leaving a dark burning trail as it raced to the nearest building. Cutting through the hard brick exterior-- hitting the gas tank, the building debris flew sky high as it shattered, the bright fiery light burning the unfinished building's supports. Falling in seconds, the massive interior burned about, falling straight down...The great sandy dust fogged the site, spreading wildly... From his position, the creature slowly, yet cautiously rested his hands, focused on the debris...The dust cleared. The falling stopped. And things grew quiet...Snorting as he chuckled a bit, he finally hopped down, sprinting to the site. The burnt trail of sand felt crummy and hard, very uncomfortable to his three toed clawed feet. Ahead the building was completely destroyed, the huge pile of debris surprised him. Climbing up, his visor's scanners raced to find life, many unknown, Asian-like letters raced across the screen. At the top of the pile, the scanners read >Brick surface, damaged condition< >No life detected...< satisfied, the animal glared at the debris, knowing his visor was damaged, there was a risk it did work right. “Your death was intentional. Now how do I find my target...Where--” the pile shuck slightly. Looking down cautiously, his eyes dilated-- the large surge of blue static rose fast and high, the creature flew high and fast, battered by bricks. The debris landed. And landing fast, emerging from the sandy fog... Raiku was silent. Heavily breathing. The bleeding, battered cyborg glared at the recovering enemy, who coughed from the dust. The battered armor had lost plates, the black suit parts peeled off. Raiku was still standing, ready to fight. Speeding forward, his elbow smashed straight to the neck, hard and fast. As the warm blood showered down his arm, the hammering kick sent him across the sand. Seeing the animal get up yet again, he was angered. Raiku was pushed too far. This had to stop. This had to end. With the whip of his hand. As the static balls sizzled in his hands, the snarling beast from afar lowered in battle position, his hands lit by fire. Long seconds had past. In an instant, Raiku dashed forward, screeching.
  6. Konichiwa everyone. This is the Anime Discussion thread, where you can talk about anything related to anime. Whether you are a huge anime fanatic or new to watching anime, this is the place for you. Below are just a few rules to ensure that everyone can discuss anime without having problems. ~Rules~ 1. Please keep anything that isn't related to anime, manga, ect. off this thread. Any off topic posts will be hidden by a mod. 2. Be respectful to everyone. 3. Be careful about posting spoilers. 4. No Hentai or Yaoi related discussions period. This includes posting comments about hentai/yaoi (ex. stating that a show is hentai or yaoi) Well, lets get this discussion thread started. You may now post. ~My Anime Recommendations~ -Angel Beats -Clannad (Both seasons) -Elfen Lied -Full Metal Panic (Both seasons) -Highschool of the Dead -Spice and Wolf (both seasons) -Sekirei (both seasons) -Yuru Yuri (both seasons) -Another -Shuffle! -School Days -Guilty Crown -K-ON! -The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya -Project K
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