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Found 11 results

  1. Map: The Labs Gametype: Project Chimera Story The goal of Project Chimera was to genetically mutate human specimen to give them unique characteristics and abilities that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish as an average human. By mixing the DNA of an average human being and the DNA of any animal, the scientists' hope was to create a hybrid soldier with amazing abilities that can only be possessed by the creatures of nature. The only problem was trying to find a catalyst to control the genetic mutation. When a failed test couldn't handle the proposed catalyst, the test subjects underwent a genetic mutation without the limits of a supposed catalyst causing the subjects to become hostile and uncontrollable. Breaking free from their cells, an evacuation had to be issued. Description The Labs is a linear style infection map based in an infested laboratory due to a failed genetic mutation getting out of hand. You and your group must reach a safe room on the opposite side of the facility. The twist to this map is that with the large size of the lab, there are two distinct paths to take to reach the safe room at the other side of the facility: The underground path takes you to the underground tram system The upper floor path takes you through the rest of the labs. You and your team must collectively pick which path to take as when one path is chosen, the opposite path is closed off. Background A Chimera is a fire-breathing monster composed of several animals. With the idea of creating genetic mutation hybrids, this Greek mythical creature came to mind thus Project Chimera was created. I wanted to create a linear infection map where there was choice implemented into it. At first I wanted to create a pick and choose path linear infection map but due to limits in forge, I only made one choice at the start of the map. This map is apart of a three part series following the story of the scientists trying to reach safety (Part 1), looking for a supposed cure (Part 2), and implanting the cure into the main mechanism and evacuating the laboratory (Part 3). Tips Humans - Teamwork and communication is key (as with all linear infection maps) Holdouts become progressively harder as the map progresses. - Weapons are usually supplied at every holdout but at times, there are some hidden power weapons which can really help the fight - The infected are very fast so team firing and calling out the infected's positions are key to survival - (Other than sprint) Clamber and thruster pack are the only spartan abilities at your disposal so use them well Infected - As said previously, the infected are very fast and are equipped with thruster packs, but to make matters worse, Alphas are able to sprint and really close the gap between the humans - Although a single teleporter will lead you to progressive spawn locations, those locations at times will have multiple ways to get the jump on the humans - The infected are quite weak but speed is their ally. Attacking the humans in large groups will cause utter chaos and usually the death of several confused humans General - Progression is absolutely mandatory. If you as a human or infected stay back, teleporters will spawn killing you if you do not move ahead in the map - Everything on this map is based on a 4-minute time limit so each trigger occurs at a specific time so pay attention to the time counter! (See list below for time sequences) Key: (___) - Human triggers [___] - Disturbed triggers *Triggered by a button **Shows how long the door takes to close, not when it happens Underground Time Sequences (Down) 3:30 - [First spawn location opens] 3:15 - (Door button spawns), [second spawn location opens*] 2:35 - (Button to start train spawns), [Third spawn locations opens*] 2:00 - [Fourth spawn location opens] 1:30 - (Emergency Exit door opens) 1:00 - [stairwell Vent opens] 0:45 - (Door to saferoom opens), [Final spawn location opens] 0:30** - (Saferoom door closes) Laboratory Time Sequences (Up) 3:30 - [First spawn location opens] 3:15 - (Door button spawns) 3:00 - [second spawn location opens*] 2:15 - (Door to generator room opens) 1:30 - (Door to gondolas opens), [Third spawn location opens*] 1:10 - (Button spawns to activate gondola), (Fourth spawn location opens*] 0:45 - [Final spawn location opens] 0:30** - (Saferoom door closes) Easter Egg? So… I really do like making hidden secrets in maps that I make and besides hidden weapons around the map like this one However, there is a FULL BLOWN multiple step easter egg that I created. The only hint I'm giving is this poem… (cause it's cool and mysterious and…why not) What lies below Cannot be seen Destroy them all Wipe it clean If you head up and progress The door will rise If you go underground In a room, it lies While riding a machine A bright light fixation One stands out The answer is activation The finale awaits What was once locked away But you unlocked it's seal Now rain destruction and dismay
  2. Map: Shipment (Recommended 10-16 players) LINK Gametype: Disturbed (Needed to play) LINK Gamertag: KeeLoker "Working at an ocean side shipping yard, you and some fellow workers discover underground caves that sprawl all under the shipping yard. Little did you know what was lurking below…" Description Shipment is a linear style infection map based around an infested shipping yard along the shores of an ocean. You and your group must escape the shipping yard and reach the parking garage to which you can close the garage and seal away a threat no man should ever face. Shipment provides many different environments to fend off the infected in to keep gameplay flowing smoothly. Some include open areas located mostly in the shipping yard itself Some indoor close quarter combat A narrow linear path along a bridge As well as some open indoor environments The infected or "Disturbed" also have plenty of different and unique routes to get the jump on the humans What separates this linear style infection map from others is that there are several hidden secrets that can benefit both the humans and the infected. They can range from hidden power weapons to activating certain objects. It's up to you to discover them as you traverse through Shipment. Although these pictures might help you find a few. Gameplay Images* *from earlier versions of the map Tips Humans - Teamwork and communication is key to survive as a human. Holdout areas have been strategically made so that each stage gets progressively harder so making sure that the humans are equally covering areas of entrances from the infected will ensure success. - Utilizing power weapon's advantages and avoiding their disadvantages is super important on this map. If you don't think a weapon is all that useful right now, save it for a time when it might be useful. - Assume the infected can come from any direction - (Other than sprint) Clamber and thruster pack are the only spartan abilities at your disposal so utilize them well. "Disturbed" - As the match progresses, the tunnel will lead you to specific areas that also progress with the map itself (See list below for time sequences of areas) - The power box outside the building has destroyable power cores that open the garage near it - Alpha zombies have thruster packs available to them so take advantage of that General - Everything on this map is based on a 4-minute time limit so each trigger occurs at a specific time so pay attention to the time limit! (See list below for time sequences) Key: (__) - Human triggers [__] - Zombie triggers 3:30 - [Disturbed tunnel opens] 3:15 - (Button spawns to open first door), [Tunnel expands] 2:45 - [Tunnel opens new area] 2:00 - (Second door opens), [Tunnel opens new area], [Tunnel closes previous area] 1:35 - [Vent opens up], [Tunnel closes [previous area] 1:10 - [Tunnel opens new area] 0:45 - (Third door opens), [Route 5 opens up], [Tunnel closes previous areas] 0:35 - (Tunnel expands) 0:25* - (Final button to close the door) *Instead of it spawning at 0:25, it takes 25 seconds for the garage to close.
  3. Map: Our Daily Bread Gametype: Hungry Disciples Description: Our Daily Bread is a linear Flood map set in a bread factory with two holdouts. Players spawn in a low set hall surrounded by walkways. The Flood instantly attack you from behind, then from the front. Push up the stairs and through the corridor before they can overrun you and make your way towards the first holdout; a huge atrium. Find a turret and a few shotguns and set up until the 1:30 mark. The Flood can attack from many angles, using the old conveyors high above the atrium and the strategically placed cover. If you survive until the door opens, push forward and aim for the final holdout. Staying strong right from the start is truly game changing. If you loose even one or two players early on, you will have a very hard time making it past the first holdout. But if you stick together, you just might reach the bountiful loafs you have been searching for. Our Daily Bread really is a very fun map to play with clean yet interesting aesthetics. It has dynamic features and a clear goal that promotes teamwork and coordination which is what I believe makes a great linear Flood map. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for taking a look.
  4. GT: Shadow KryPTiiC and HornetAssassin5 Map: The Journey: Part III Gametype: The Journey Description: Hey guys my name is Shadow KryPTiiC and I have a new map for The Journey series. You don't know what the Journey is? Check it out right here >>>>>>http://www.halocustoms.com/threads/the-journey-part-i.5074/ Anyways back to the map. Sorry for no Part II, thats still in testing, but in the mean time, heres the third part of the series. After the humans emerge from the sewers, the board a train. Once they find trouble on the tracks, they once again have to go onto the streets. Luckily, there is a pelican landing pad nearby. Freedom is so close!!! Can you make it to safety? Or will you die trying? Best played with 10-14 players. Heres the download link to my fileshare>>>> https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shadow%20kryptiic/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Now here's what youve been waiting for, the pictures. This is the first room This is the second room This is the third room Did I mention you could drive a warthog? The fourth room A cool looking zombie entrance The ticket to safety, the pelican Hope you enjoyed! Please check out my other maps and give me feedback down below! Thanks!
  5. GT: Shadow KryPTiiC and HornetAssassin5 Gametype: The Journey Map: The Journey: Part I The Journey is a linear flood series that follows a group of humans as they escape the flood. The first part starts in the city, the second part takes place in the sewers, the third is also in the city, the fourth part or finale is a secret. Their is initial and personal ordanance on the map as well. For download go to my fileshare. On each map their are four rooms and this map, as well as the rest of the series is very fun. Will be posting other parts of the series soon. Shoutout to my forging clan Mk25 for helping me and Hornet test the map. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shadow%20kryptiic/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 The First room The Second room The Third room The Final Room, Look for the manhole that hints the humans are next going into the sewers. Thanks and please download. (:
  6. Gamertag: Auxi Klutch Map: Docks Gametype: Contagion Party Size: 10-16 Description: Lost, with what ammo remains, you must survive to the end. This map is a linear style of map with 3 stages. Flood count starts at 2. Teleporters are given to the flood to help advance them throught the map, also to add better gameplay for the humans.
  7. The Block is a five room linear flood map on Ravine that fits 12-16 players. The Gametype is Hell on Earth. It takes its setting in a prison and is very fun.
  8. Map: Storage Gametype: Containers Creator: Death by Dogs Max players: 16 Rcomended players: 10-16 Storge is a linear/journey style infection map that takes place at a storage facility. As you progress each stage gets harder and harder and will require more comunication and teamwork. In the first stage you can survive pretty easily without needing teamwork, but sometimes o1 or 2 peaople do get infected, then in stage 2 you needed to communicate as to where the turret man(Scorpian) neededs to be aiming and when the second zombie teleporter spawns. Then in the third stage someone gets on the turret and mows the zombies down, until another zombie teleporter spawns allowing them to come at you through the side, so you need to communicate when this teleporter spawns so you all can fall back into the back room where you need even more communication as to where the zombies are comming from. And in the final stage you need to use extreme tactics in the close courters room to be able to survive. So far nobody has made it to the end, I dare you to survive. FAQ: The Scorpian tank in stage 2, you can only use the turret; The Falcan in stage 4, cannot be used at all.
  9. Name of Map: escape[3] quarantine Canvas Map: forge world Link to MAP: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/P5YC0PATH/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30808934 Link to Gametype: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/P5YC0PATH/fileshare#!/?section=GameType&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30808937 Recommended Player Count: 5 Gamertag: P5YC0PATH sequal to escape[2] last stop... after exiting the subway you find yourself on the outskirts of the city. unfortnetly they have all been infected also. before you got to the surface a quarintine took place and military forces were giving orders to fire on all moving targets. you are also a target. watch for zombie AND soldiers, they both are after you. if you can get to the outside of town you have a chance to escape on a boat that is left behind.
  10. Gamertag: P5YC0PATH Map: escape[2] last stop Gametype: CDC discription: after escapeing the CDC your train crashed and the rest of the tunnel is caved. you need to find another exit and fast. just head up. get to ground zero. the map is a progression styled map and you can take two hits while human. get map here:http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/P5YC0PATH/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30808891 get gametype here:http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/P5YC0PATH/fileshare#!/?section=GameType&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0 check out the video!(video runs at better/normal quality and speed when on youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ6-gFT3PZI&feature=plcp
  11. Gamertag: P5YC0PATH Map: escape[1] Center of Disease Control Gametype: CDC Description: The zombies have attacked the city, and the source is your building. your company is flooded with the undead so escapeing is a good idea. a emergancy escape shuttle (train) is underground and leaves in 4 minutes, doors close in 3. so hurry. the linear styled map has plenty of guns and health packs but be careful 2 hits and your down. check out the map trailer on youtube(video runs smoother on youtube than on 343industries). get map here: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/P5YC0PATH/fileshare#!/?section=MapVariants&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30756229 get gametype here: http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/P5YC0PATH/fileshare#!/?section=GameType&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30808937 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDy2YE2qQcA&feature=plcp
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