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Found 9 results

  1. http://youtu.be/zy665ZCFkdE I made this video because i love playing chicken with people on my bati 801 motorcycle in gta online when i have a bounty on my head. I think im a pretty good driver as well so i decided to make a little mini series of me escaping death left and right on a motorcycle Lemme know what you think?
  2. Gta 5 Online - 5 Things You Didn't Know I made this video to show some things i've found or come across in gta 5 online, hope upon watching this video you learned something
  3. Gta 5 Online - How To Get The Hotknife This video shows you how to get the hotknife in under a minute! Thanks for watching
  4. This video shows you how to find Big Foot in GTA 5! Hope you guys like the video leave any comments or questions down below PEEAACCEE!
  5. Whats up guys its Oophilly215oO here! This video shows all the cheat codes for GTA 5, i hope you enjoy and leave and questions or comments down below! PEEAACCEE!
  6. In case you guys haven't played much of the story or couldn't find Cj's house, here it is! Leave any questions or comments down below and i'll be sure to answer them! PEEAACCEEE!
  7. Source-Digital Times Gta 5 no doubt is gonna be more advanced and much better than gta 4, but do you think [email protected] is adding too much? The GTA 5 release date is quickly approaching and the rumors keep leaking. The latest "Grand Theft Auto" news we've heard is that the upcoming game could feature underwater exploration, new vehicles and terrain and more surprises. Read on for more GTA 5 release date news and rumors. Rockstar first announced that a new "Grand Theft Auto" game was on the way back in November 2011, and since then fans of the franchise have waited for a GTA 5 release date and game specifics. Well the GTA 5 release date may still be a mystery, but a new article from What Culture lays out some new theories on what to expect from the next "Grand Theft Auto" game set in Los Santos. Topping their list is the news that the GTA 5 release date will bring underwater exploration to the "Grand Theft Auto" series: But the one titbit of information that got my giddier than a granny at a Christmas party who has had one too many sherry's was the reveal of underwater exploration. With underwater exploration, the GTA 5 release date could bring a number of other new features to the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise. Last year we saw the first screenshots of what looked a lot like a submarine. The question is whether GTA 5 will only feature underwater missions, or allow players to explore under the water in free play. If the second one proves true then the GTA 5 release date could really revolutionize the series, opening up a whole new world of exploration.We haven't seen anything like this since Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which only allowed characters to dive under water. That may just be wishful thinking, but considering that Los Santos is expected to be bigger than the last few GTA maps combined we don't think underwater exploration is out of the question. Another thing to think about is whether the Los Santos police will also have their own submarines when the GTA 5 release date arrives. If the cops don't have underwater capabilities as well you could easily escape into the water when you hit a four star wanted level. So what exactly will we find underwater once the GTA 5 release date arrives. The possibilities are endless considering Rockstar's love for "Easter Egg" suprises. Here's a few interesting predictions from What Culture: We already know that we will have access to underwater exploration in some capacity, but the question remains - what's under there? Shipwrecks? Caves and Caverns? Buried Treasure? Or something more sinister, like the body of a gangster with concrete shoes? Of course, the real question of what type of enemies we'll find underwater once the GTA 5 release date finally arrives. Scuba-diving mobsters? Pirate ghosts? Or sharks?! Based on a few leaked "Grand Theft Auto" screenshots we pretty much know you'll be going head to head to head with at least a few sharks. Remember what they say: if you run into a shark punch him on the nose! GTA 5 release date news: So what about that pesky GTA 5 release date? Well the truth is that the good people at Rockstar Games are stilling keeping the exact day a secret, though they've hinted that the game will come in the Spring of 2013. When exactly the GTA 5 release date has arrived remains a mystery, but we've heard two rumors so far both pegging he launch for March 2013 (either March 15 or 27). Then again, word on the streets of Los Santos is that the GTA 5 release date will hit in Rockstar's first fiscal quarter of 2013, which begins in April, and then there are those who think the GTA 5 release date won't arrive until May. When do you think the GTA 5 release date will arrive? And will you buy the "Grand Thef Auto" game when it hits stores? Share your thoughts in the comments. Want more GTA 5 release date spoilers? Well look no further:
  8. Rockstar has released two new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5. Check them out below. Check out Smokin Shadowz thread here. http://www.343indust...es/#entry123803 http://www.computera...shots-released/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight... Take-Two has sent over another awesome-looking Borderlands 2 trailer. The new movie's set to the musical backdrop of Wimoweh, aka The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and largerly focuses on a dense jungle environment. Borderlands 2 will hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the US on September 18, and internationally on September 21 According to a promotional poster released last week, save files from the original Borderlands will unlock exclusive content in the upcoming sequel, granting veterans access to character heads and skins, which you can see here. Click here for Source and Video. http://www.computera...le-environment/
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