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Found 2 results

  1. Well guys and gals... Can you believe it? It has been One year, Three weeks, And Three days ever since I have joined this amazing site, And who knew that I would ever get here? When I first started, I remember I had just been glossed down in a fresh new coat of Green, And boy did I love it. I had never known about the five post rule until I had actually tried using the shout box (A.k.a My Natural Habitat to This Day). I had popped up thinking this had been the official 343 Industries forum site like a lot of disappointed customers popped up for, But I wasn't disappointed, I was actually full of ideas. When I had saw the thread of Ideas for Halo: Xbox One, I had thought it was official and thought my word could've been put out there. But I had read Sweaty Bagels message on the thread speaking of a certain deadline for ideas. And being my dumb self at the time, I went and sent him a message asking, "Where could I put my ideas for the next Halo?". It was then and there after receiving not a single reply that I realized... That co-worker must be busy!! But that was also the day I happened to find out that it was just a community of people that I now know today, A community that was very supportive of everyone and cared - Just like a family. That had been the day I also met BanishedRick, We both hung out on Halo 4 for a while, Exchanging ideas, Talking and just chilling out. We were both pretty good friends, But after a while I had sadly detached from the friend ship as my major amount of gamer tag changes had brought a big confuzzle into the community. There was the time I had been upset and I wanted to quit, I posted that thread. It is locked now, But here is what it was. I was practically leaving with no specific reason... Honestly, I had felt upset as I would speak in the shout box and not get a single answer and feel left out, Resulting in me feeling like no one cared. This was also at a time when I had not yet discovered my ADHD and therefor had issues managing my patience. So, I'm pretty sorry for making that thread just to grasp some attention - I still slap myself for that one. Later on through life, I started to get some more friends, I had become friends with Spartan OMEGA, Now known as Edward Kenway - The big man when it comes to news, Because he does a lot of stuff with news. (Sorry Zebra, He paid me pizza and weasels.) Edward and I were close friends, We would make random roleplays in the PM system and sit there in the shoutbox and make a bunch of "mail" puns every five seconds. That stopped after Azaxx had told us to cut it out or we were gonna get cut out of the Shout box. (Azaxx pls.) Edward and I also stopped role playing in the shoutbox after Austinacious (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) had dropped in on a role play of ours that really was just funny with his reaction, But was the most serious thing ever. Literally. Well, Until I got slapped. I later had grown a little more, Under the ever lasting impression of 343iBot being my MoMy at the time, I had learned that my father was Father Bullet, Until Zebra had married iBot. There were even rough times, I remember when the whole Shadow vs. Blue team broke out. I still feel sorry for that event, And I will say now, Caboose - Though sometimes I can get a little annoyed, It still doesn't give me the right to take authority away from you for not having a valid gamer tag, Listing it as Ranger447 at the time it was off the charts. Either way, I shouldn't have tried taking your leader ship away from team, And I am sorry. Same thing for you Eren Yeager, After you left for a few days and I took over, I am sorry. I shouldn't have stolen your operation from you, It is the wrong thing to do. I remember when I first held an event, It was pretty fun! Not everyone showed up, But I made friendships to last a life time, And that is priceless to me, And I am thankful for what you all have given me. I also remember joining one of the THFE test lobbies with AbleSir Thomas. Although I had a map to share, A.k.a The Delfino Airstrip, I never showed it off as I had caught on to the fact that it was the type of map testing for mainly game type maps and not just for fun. (It was still fun to play the game though.) After some time I had really changed, I had times where I barely showed a single pixel of text 'round these parts, And I will say, I regret that. So much has changed here, So many new groups, new members, new mods, new everything. And that has opened tons of doors for me. After some decent time, TGS Shadowless and I had started a YouTube channel, In which was HymanionStudios, and was my Gamertag at the time. Until I had dropped out of HymanionStudios in the hopes to make a lead a channel all of my own. (Still debating when to make it). But, When one special thing happened to me... When I first turned Purple, I'll admit... I kind of spammed at the last twenty posts, And that... Is a terrible crime. Although I wanted to be purple, I should've been more chill about it rather than just go RUSH RIDGE on it, Y'know? After turning Purple, I really didn't do anything. I just sat and did that - Nothing. Now onto the list of amazing people I know here. The Stig, Who I have yet to take on in Forza. Which I know I'd probably get beaten, I just wanna have fun driving. -Sparky-, The guy "who" really likes the TARDIS and Dr. Who himself!! (And Pikachu) GermanShepherdD, And he always gets fresh bacon. No matter what. Drizzy_Dan, Who will always be known as Drizzy_Doge in all of our hearts. Fishy, The man who was the first to acknowledge my map of The Delfino Airstrip, Thinking it was pretty cool. Maestro the Stampede, Or Maestro, Or Lenny, Who was a good forger himself and also acknowledged my works. Lycaoni, And she was a role player with us all in Edwards awesome Halo: Radioactive role play. AI Gamer Girl, Who was very good at being a citizen of Shout box Island, And to this day barely shows up any more. (Why ladeh...?) Ledgend1221, He was pretty sincere with some pretty serious stuff. And by that I mean he can take a family friendly joke and make it your worst nightmare. (All ur jokes are belong to meh.) Zelda, Who pretty much liked to watch Connor Kenway and I have Gravity Hammer/Energy Sword duels, Because why not? Twam, Who is always watching. (Thanks for making this amazing site, My life wouldn't be complete without this site or anyone here. Your all an essential part of me.) I'm decent friends with RedStarRocket91, Who must've been laughing when he got that PM from me claiming.. "I wan be C Mod, Can u doez that pls?" (No but seriously, You can ask him, I did send a message regarding that.... RSR.... Pls.... ) Absolute Dog, Who I met on Halo: Reach at an event that was slowly dying down, He was very awesome, And he dared not to use a single AA, Just played the game clean. Spades N 'AZ, I went to one of his Friday MoM game nights, It was crazy fun!! (Miss you man.) Self Destruct, One of the best artists I know, He is also the bearer of the awesome birthday gift known as... HOLA!! A very amazing picture he made, A commission from me to sponsor #RedneckSelection Yoshi, Who is pretty good at Cards Against Humanity... Pbrabbit, Who should be in a movie, That'd be cool to see. Keep those dreams up man! Azaxx, Who even though is quiet all the time, Is still the best shouter to ever exist. Also the scariest of mods... Maybe... Maybe... Bnus, Who would get in arguments with TGS Shadowless about the colors of spartan armor... #ImOnYourSideOnThisOneBuns (Bnus also helped lift Art week a little further into the air, Big thanks for him owning the Facebook/Twitter pages) #CommunicationsRule TwinReaper - Who gives me the hope to some day be able to fully modify a Halo game, More like inspiration... But hey, We all have heroes. Silent Orbis/Alpha - I'll be honest, I don't know how this happened, But it just did, And it is pretty funny. :3 HungryKestrel78 - "*Comes back in with elite blood on armor holding pizza*" E Sword of Lord - He was really good with Energy Swords, He was the sword. O.O UNSC Spartan-II - The soldier who will always be a little less saturated than me. (Until I am grey at least.) DeathByFae - She thinks me waving at her like this is cute. c: (P.S Lemme see dat smile.) Yoko (Hater of 343iBot) - Brah, Dem name changes brah... Just stahp... No, But seriously, Your a pretty good role player, And I must apologize for my absence on the RWBY forums.. Yang Xiao Long - "When they call the dragons, The dragons come and get me." Ruby Rose - Sometimes, I will say. Bloodshed is nice, But I think a red room is too far. Caboose The Ace - He is the owner of all domesticated cookies. And the destroyer of vehicles. DocSpartan007 - He may not be on often, But he does more than just a simple forum moderation, And that is why I salute you. TGS Shadowless - Why do you have to get banned on the first day? Brett - I love your videos man, Keep it up, And lets hope for some good E3 coverage! Delpen9 - I envy your ability to have an arsenal of over 9,000 weasels in your closet. Spyro - The everyday friendly dragon. Also that guy DragonMonday from Halo 3. :3 Zoobkillerninja - The guy who is really good at games... And calling Spyro that MLG guy DragonMonday from Halo 3. :3 Onsokumaru - I'm not sure exactly how you got to staff so fast, But keep it up. The story line events are amazing, As they require more interaction and team work to get the good or bad ending. D-38 Boss - Remember that game of Halo 4 where you were speaking in the type of Boston accent? Well, I laughed way too hard at that... It was just amazing!! More GTA V events... Pls Boss... Pls... HaloGeek - Though you say your a cannon foder, We all know your the smartest you can be, You know tactics better than I know the back of my own hand. And also, Your accent is cool. :3 BeckoningZebra1 - The Zebra to find the best mistake I've ever made! Question marriage after marriage anyone? natemcg24 - You may be new, But you've got some style!! We gotta play Halo 4 some other time. Tyrone King - Glad to have you back on the forums, We all missed you man. JXZAW - Don't believe what others tell you, Just know you are yourself, And no one can change that, And no one should hope to do so as every human being is different. Frankenzer - I don't really see you that much... Good thing I added you on Xbox!! Halo5 Follower - Though you aren't Chris, I will say... Keep following the path of the Killtacular! Torrenting - What... What is that mouse thing..? Th3RubyPr1ncess - Don't worry, Practice always makes perfect. So don't be mad or sad... Get glad!! Church - Its a... Half liiiiiiiiiiiiiifffeeeee......... *Que awesome music follow up* Mr. Biggles - I like your ability to have so many posts... I wan some posts... Biggles... Pls... Unease P34NUT - I am sorry for taking your Pink MoMy, I just wanted to see how the color looked... Adam91 - You bring news to the table, And you make sure it is the news of the news. The Director - Today... The glasses come off!! *Watches the last episode of Season 11 as if it came out today* Total Mayh3m - You know "What's Golden". (Anyone who has heard "What's Golden" by Jurassic 5 would get my reference.) Jester - Today... We aren't clownin' around. I hope you come back one day buddy, I never spoke to you much, but hey, Time is time. Choot 'Em - Your art really moves people. That picture... It isn't christmas sadly... Bob - "The picture is good! But there is slight clipping with the knife." Krissy Malott - You really liked to read the Halo books! Get a status update out about how many you've read! OMG Treason - Meetings? We just met yesterday!! Woo!! Altair Ibn-La'Ahad - You may be an assassin, But I am a robot. A spartan robot. A dumb one... Hmm.... Oh yeah!! Remember, The canned moose Jello is in the fridge! (I don't even know where my thinking is going at this point. I've been typing for two hours now?) Mothman - The legend says you cause bad luck. But all I've seen is a friendly person behind all the light. Screech - Want to play some guitar!? SikSlik7 - I gotta say, I just love those glasses. ColdFreeze - The man of security, He can really freeze you in your tracks. ShadowFiend - You can be a stealer of the shadows, But stealing shadows brightens up peoples days! By that I mean your job rocks, Making people happy is pretty fun. :3 ShockGazm - Came back to say Hi, Nothing is nicer than a visit. Just like grandparents, Except imagine you've got thousands of 'em. :3 Brony - Art, If anything - ART!! If anything, Your a soon to be legendary for sure. Insignia - To think I literally forgot..? My gosh... Well, I've seen your art, It is amazing and is the reason as to why I see you as a legend. But seriously, You are an amazing artist, Just like us all. Lil' Dog/Dog - I look at you and think, You'll be the Absolute Dog around here someday. AnimeAddict - I like anime, But the thing is... I am not addicted though. [Please properly place hate hash tags here ] No...Pls. 343iBot - I love you mom. Archangel Tyrael - I want some wings man! Tyrael.... Pls... Donut - You ever think about comin' back? You know, Azaxx is catching up to you. skummgummigubbe - I never met you, But I support you. Sometimes you need the good tires. Thanks mascot who's name I do not know. O.O Vitamin PWN - PROTECT ME CONE!!! SweatyBagels - Umm... You ever thinkin' about replying back..? Halo 5..? Dude..? Tucker - I will be honest, I do believe the Master Chief picture suits you. ZB-85 - I still don't know how to get a GIF image. BCAM - You fight that cancer gurl!! Cooliest - Dear Cooliest, I mean... Drizzy_Dan. (Altair, It was your idea... Weasel.) DaveAtStateFarm - Lemme try dem khakis. The Masked Man - See my initial right now as yours, Except they include two of these "". Halo5WillBeCool - Indeed it will. And if it isn't, I'd best get to Waypoint ASAP. Weasel - Stop stealing my socks. The Smart Marine - Two plus two equals fish. Thus, I win the competition. (Dat spoiler) undr zid - I'll go for a.... Large window, double latte. Vinyl Scratch - I had a nice car. And you took your keys. And in spite of yourself. Your scratched my vinyl/decal for short even though it is the same length. I love your art though, So it's okay. Scotty - Dat yearbook though. Vigilant Intellect - You shall reign supreme!! (Maybe. ) The Silenced - No, I shall not be turned into a host yet. The dedicated servers aren't even up. Rockubot/Halo 5 2014/Disney Frozen - Your getting quite close to JL there buddy. Small story here: Did you know that when I was in the Shout box I always said I was a robot..? Well, I am. Not. I am as human as you are, And The Smart Marine? Just a simple trick of the mist made with my older laptop. (Too bad I used this account on that laptop at the same time, I think one of the mods saw the IP and was like - "DAMN IT MARINE!!" Either way, T'was funny.... Mods... Pls....) I know so many people, So many people I would love to list... I will update this with any names of the people I forget. I don't mean to forget, I just have so many people in this community that I love to talk to and hang out with... You guys and gals are awesome!! My MoM wish is this... After reading this long MoM post, I want to wish you all a safe and fortunate future. Though you may feel down in the gravel, or you feel like you aren't doing well, Just remember that every dark tunnel has a light at the end. No matter what, Everything turns out okay. No one is perfect, But we shouldn't have to move mountains or untie those from the tracks of a train to be recognized - We should just have to be us. Thank you for reading all this, And thank you all for the doors you have opened for me and the opportunities I have been given. You all are a piece of me, You gave me friendship and a reason to make and host cool things. I can't thank you all enough. See you all around the forums, Stay safe and be sure to have a fun time here! -TDM (Your MoMy. c: )
  2. Member of the Month is a special award given out to those who excel at being members who go above and beyond the standards that we expect of quality members. They do not complain, they help others in need, and they make something out of nothing to bring delight to others. This Member of the Month was chosen from these traits, and many more that they have shown over not only the past month of April, but also those beforehand in a consistent manner. That being said, it was his time in April that had him shine, his creation of the Art Week thread allowed so many artists to come together and share their love for a common interest, something that's been tried before but never successfully achieved. Truly something that really got the Staff's attention. If you couldn't guess from that mystic write up, I'm here to present to you the Member of the Month for May 2014. You may see his purple name in the shoutbox, you may see it in forums, or you might just catch a glimpse of him in a PM. Wherever the place, he is a well known member of our forums, I'm proud to present to you our current MoM. The Dumb Marine! May his month of glory be an epic one, and enjoy that sweet new award you've just been given. If you haven't seen his first Art Week thread, check it out here. It may be closed, but many great artists are yet to be seen.
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