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That is the link to the UNSC the N3XT SPARTANS clan it also will be recruiting on halo 5 today and after u request to join make sure u add why u want to join and i will talk to u on xbox one halo 5 and no people 17+ i allow 16 and under and if u already were UNSC or a Conscriptor or Sim trooper u can stay as that rank if u would like but if we have conscriptors and ur not UNSC but want to become unsc u will choose what u want to be Spartan,ODST,O.N.I, ect. and we will have somone that can train u Marines can get trianed by generals or by me and conscriptors come i will think that we will need them. also the name is UNSC the N3xt spartans. -end of message from S-173 

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