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  1. I have seen a video of Reach on Youtube in 4K for the PC. Its is coming to the MCC for the PC after all. This means more Halo action on the PC and all those custom maps will make the Halo universe the place to be on the PC.
  2. if the release price is reasonable I can expect Steam sales of several million copies in the first couple of weeks microsoft games has been publishing a lot of games on Steam and besides Halo many of the RTS games are updated for modern systems
  3. Get back here with your result so that others can discover what to do
  4. I hope Halo 6 is not a brain dead shooter, far too many of them out there. Easy system requirements will make Halo 6 sell better to those with older rigs.
  5. http://www.hardcoregames.biz/windows-kb3086255-ms15-097/ Hopefully its not too technical to fix Windows to run Halo: CombaT Evolved and other CD/DVD based games Microsoft decided to beat up on old games, like who do they think they are? I also wrote a loader for Halo: Combat Evolved to automatically detect the screen resolution and use it. http://www.hardcoregames.biz/halo-loader/
  6. With so many other games out there any new Halo release will have to be over the top AAA in quality Even then competition with other AAA action games is fierce
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