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  1. We all love a good well-designed character in a video game like Halo. Character development and stable characterization can sometimes be considered as a factor that contributes to getting a larger gaming audience. Of course, characters that purposefully exist in the games playable campaign is sometimes what we as an audience look forward to seeing because characters in video games like Halo can sometimes create an emotional connection, as in you relate to them. And example of a character that I deeply relate and admire on an emotional perspective, would probably be Master Chief because we both share the quiet subtle differences in our personalities =) So, as you guys know I am very intrigued to find out from you guys what your own favourite Halo characters are (Doesn't matter if it's from any single one of the game series, it can be from the comics/novels as well). And just give me your reasons as to why you like your chosen character that exists within the Halo universe =) Post a picture of your favourite Halo character and above put in the description of who they are, why you chose them, etc. I'm new here, and it's my first time doing a proper thread; with of course the exception of the introduction thread, but I guess that doesn't really count. Just seeing if what I'm posting for the first time has any value as I'm going through a strange writers block phase of coming up with thread ideas and then just disagreeing with myself. So yeah.
  2. Woaha you look like a totally different person compared to your old picture. You'll be pumpin iron in the military in no time, bud
  3. You guys show some real talent into what you do with your development team, you see yourself doing right and you're doing right. Good job Bean mate
  4. I'll be looking forward to all the new armor that will be coming out in Halo 6. Hopefully they'll do something like a new juicy armor DLC.
  5. I really like the DMR and consider it to be the best weapon out of the Halo series due to it's high accuracy, range (when used correctly) as well as being a weapon that is not overly overpowered, it has that sweet spot in the middle that fans can adore much like to it's predecessor, the BR from Halo 2-3. But of course the DMR has a stronger advantage to the BR due to it's firing capabilities such as being almost effective at firing at most angles, whereas the BR has a shorter firing range which makes it more challenging for players to use the BR against enemies in combat, so basically the DMR is the best weapon at covering all battles taking place at many different angles. Although it takes up to atleast 5 shots for a DMR, I still consider it to be the best weapon in the game due to one or more several factors such as it being beneficial for long range combat as well because of it's scope attachment, heck most long range fights with the DMR you could get the clear shot with the scope unzoomed, just as long as you keep your firearm crosshairs on the enemy player. Another reason yet again as to why the DMR is the best weapon is primarily due to it's smooth deliverance of headshots because the weapon contains far less recoil power compared to the BR; which of course helps players reap the benefits of scoring more points. The DMR.. A weapon of that caliber is somewhat handy in getting the best headshots in a online match or peppering Elites in Firefight mode. Of course though if you are abit of a noob like me then obviously it requires alot of practice into getting kills. Did I mention it can deliver a huge impact on creating a great advantage for you and your teammates on many Halo maps in Assault, Slayer, SWAT and other large mapped matchmaking matches?
  6. Hey there, 26/M, came to meet new people on this fine website I'm a noob at making introductions so hello all. Hopefully you guys can show me a thing or two about using the site I'm a little nervous not gonna lie. I live and breathe halo.
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