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  1. Hi there! I'm glad you visited this thread. I will keep it short and sweet. K? ITG means INSPIRED TO GAME being that you are 13 years or older, you may join if you are currently not in another clan/community. We get together everyday except sundays, to lobby-up on Halo 4 around 8pm eastern time Our mission is very recreational orientated. We don't participate in complete competition. (Clan vs Clan) We like to meet new people, have fun, joke around, forge, we do spartan opps and campaign if some one is in need of help. If you ever concidered a social gaming community, or realized at any point competitive gaming is too crazy for you, join ITG and forget trying to be MLG pro, and have FUN. Here is ITG's Outlook to help provide you with more of a clear picture on what ITG is and what we stand for. ​ ITG is not a clan. It is not just another group of players who know almost nothing about each other and only play to win. ITG is a community, but what is it about ITG that makes us unique? ITG is a community based on socializing rather than competing. We are not just hosting servers for random players we could care less about. It doesn’t matter if you're the best player or the worst player, but as long as you're fun to be around. To get in our club, all you have to do is show up, and bring a positive attitude. The best thing about ITG is that we don’t care how you play, only if you have fun playing. Of course, we don’t count competition out. We host monthly competitive games and contests for all members of ITG, guests are just as welcome! These are the activities you and your friends will use teamwork to gain awards, special titles and, of course, bragging rights. ITG’s goal is to create the best possible environment for nurturing leaders and creating a fun atmosphere to participate in. The community will listen and never ignore your opinions, and there are always members willing to help you on something. Though we may be just starting out, there is nowhere to go but up for this community. Our website and our TeamSpeak3 server are powerful resources for all members of ITG. The front page is updated weekly with News and Articles relating to ITG. The Code of Conduct and Ranking Structure are listed on the website should anyone want to learn more about the community and what we stand for. The forums are loaded with games, hilarious topics, interesting and helpful information, and a history of ITG and its members. The forums are a popular place to find and communicate with members across the entire scope of the community. There are always opportunities opening up in ITG for you to expand your leadership skills or to show off any other skills you might have. With options ranging from writing, technical support, art design, graphic design, animation, media content, to staff eligibility, there are many opportunities for you to express yourself within ITG. The best part about being a social community is that we are always looking for new members to join us. We use kik, you can contact me on my gamertag, I will leave it down after written statement. KIK is #syekostick - ITG pSYCo sTicK ​KIK is #Jonmitch96 - ITG GuD TiMeZ My XBL Gamertag is #ITG pSYCo sTicK. You can also contact ITG GuD TiMeZ, the current Director of ITG for more squad selection and additional information such as any concerns you have. ITG's Website - www.Inspiredtogame.ipbhost.com Please use these methods to contact us. Thank you, I wish you luck.
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