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  1. Yes, that would definitely help out. Another thing that I would really like is the ability to have more variables. For instance, a 'kills' variable would be great. That way it would be possible to make a change to a player when they have a certain amount of kills. This could pave the way for kill streak bonuses and tons of new game modes - including possibly something that resembles the gun game in the COD series. Other variables for certain types of kills would be cool too, like pummel, splatter, headshot, etc. Ability to change the name of Tiers/Classes would be nice, unless I just have not discovered how to do it yet. By the way, I created a game mode called leader where the leader is faster and stronger than the other players. I want the leader to switch to a new weapon set when they gain the lead. So far, they have to die and respawn to do this... is there any way that they can automatically switch to the weapon set when they gain the lead, like how it switches in the Juggernaut game mode?
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