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  1. Pandora's Mighty Soldiers & The H2O Clan www.PMSClan.com Pandora's Mighty Soldiers, also known as the PMS Clan, is the world's largest multi-platform online female gaming group on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. The main focus of PMS Clan extends beyond playing our best. Our mission is to provide a competitive, fun, and positive environment to female gamers. Similarly, the H2O Clan serves to support the PMS Clan and provide a fun, safe, competitive environment for female gamers. We believe that all gamers should be able to play and compete in an environment free of the negativity that can be so pervasive in online communities today. History & About Us In Novemeber 2002, Pandora's Mighty Solders was created by a small group of females to form a competitive all female clan with the launch of Xbox LIVE. In September of 2005 the H2O Clan was created as the male only brother-clan of PMS. Today, the PMS|H2O Clan is home to 2800+ members across various platforms and gaming divisons. You'll find members brought together from around the world and from all different walks of life. Anyone can join the respective PMS|H2O Clans, we only look for positive attitudes, dedication, and respect for the gaming community. We don't discriminate based on skill, geographic location, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. You don't have to be the best or most competitive player, but you do have to be willing to play hard, practice, and exercise good sportsmanship. What Does PMS|H2O Offer? [/center] Diverse Range Of Divisions And Platforms In PMS|H2O we offer a wide variety of divisions. We're always looking to expand our list of gaming divisions and platforms. We currently support the following platforms and games. PC Divisions - Battlefield - Call of Duty - Defense Against The Ancients 2 - Guild Wars 2 - League of Legends - Minecraft - Starcraft 2 - World of Warcraft Playstation Divisions - Battlefield - Call of Duty Xbox Divisions - Battlefield - Call of Duty - Gears of War - Halo Community Events And Contests The PMS|H2O Clan is active within it's own community as well as the greater gaming community, and the general public. We are always getting involved in charity events, contests, tournaments, and clan meet ups, both on and offline. PMS Pandora's Hope: Gaming For A Cause Pandora's Hope is our charitable organization that is run and supported by the PMS|H2O Clan. PMS Pandora's Hope was created specifically to give back to the community by organizing and promoting charity causes. Since 2004 PMS Pandora's Hope has raised over $30,000 for charity events and has raised over $12,000 this year for Extra Life. PMS Pandora's Hope participates in these charity's. - Child's Play Charity - Get Well Gamers - Big Brothers Big Sisters - Extra Life - Youth Speaks - Texas Children's Hospital Gaming Conventions Every year you'll find PMS|H2O Clan Member meet-ups at conventions such as Pax Prime, Pax East, QuakeCon, MLG, and Comic Con. We're currently getting prepared for Pax East 2013. I will be updating this thread with clan news, events, and divisions as they come. If you're interested in joining the PMS|H2O Clan or have any questions please feel free to post in this thread or private message me.
  2. I would love new Halo: Reach armor, there really isn't anything that caught my eye and I'm currently at 96% armor completion, just about everything I'm wearing is actually the default. I do love "Heart Attack" though.
  3. Hey! I was just wondering if the achievements for this game were hard? I have a goal to get all the achievements for all four X-Box 360 games, (3, Reach, ODST, and Wars) before Halo CEA comes out. I have all of 3 and Reach's. After I finish my last three in ODST I will be moving on to this game. Are they hard? Time-consuming? Easy?
  4. Pretty much this, now, if the game was Star Wars Battle Front 3 instead, I'd buy this in a heart beat. (I still hope BF3 will be announced one day!)
  5. Zack

    Halo vs CoD?

    Hands down Halo, after playing CoD once for a couple games, I won't ever (Okay maybe can't say ever) pick it up again. Halo is superior to CoD in every way.
  6. I agree with pretty much everything everyones said so far, a big no.
  7. Silly question sorry, how do I know I successfully entered for the Halo: Reach stats giveaway?
  8. Yeah, I have Halo CEA pre-ordered, I think I'm going to wait until the release date for Halo 4 is a little closer before I pre-order that one.
  9. Just got to Eclipse! I then looked to see how long it took from Eclipse to Nova and my jaw dropped 2.5 million!!
  10. Honestly, I pre-ordered the game before any pre-order gifts/bonus were announced. As for the gifts themselves, I would've preferred something else like exclusive Halo Reach Armor, but like someone above stated anything is better than nothing.
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