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  1. 1v1 Anders is the best because of gremlins... 2v2 Arby/cutter 3v3 arby/cutter/brute Those are the try hard combos... PM me if you need help I will teach anyone my HW knowledge... I have almost 10k games logged... And I'm always trying to recruit new players... If you think the game sucks you just don't know how to play right... I can take you to the wormhole... But it's up to you to see how far down you go...
  2. I'm sorry but where are the high level players at? And once again if you don't like the game there is a good chance it's because you haven't learned how to play properly... PM me... I can help anyone who needs it... I'm always trying to get new players...
  3. That's probably because he picked the game up 4 years after it came out and got completely dominated by everyone he played... I know if I was dominating SC2 (and I have... Plat plater, Im not that great but above average) I wouldn't want to play a simple game like HW either.... I've gone from one to another... They are both awesome one is just slower... When I didn't know how to play SC I didn't really care for it either... But once I got good at it... I love it just like HW... Point is... you're going to like what you're best at... and if he's best at SC... Naturally he isn't going to like HW because he sucks at it... Just my 2 cents... from someone who loves both games...
  4. Add me if you want to get together, I play with a lot of high level players and it seems like I am always looking for a third... Or a second for 2v2... I have about 9000 games under my belt and I've pretty much played against everyone at one point or another... I've pretty much beat everyone at least once... there are a few of you guys that I don't think I have ever got the best of... But most of you have gone down to me once or twice Good luck everyone... and as I said hit me up I'm a beer drinking average American... Looking for cool people to play with ... Later
  5. I believe a game that is top 20 more successful online games for XBL (at least a few years ago it was) is COMPLETELY worthy of a sequel... Honestly it's fairly stupid not to... The game was still making sales 4 years after release... Lets see what MWF2 did after 4 years of being released I say make another one... There is a large group of underground cult players that will buy the game evem if it is a complete fail... I would buy 2 copies just to help with sales... MAKE THIS GAME!!!
  6. Ilove the way the game is setup right now! The glitches and all... I don't think they should fix anything... I believe what they should do is add more leaders! bring the flood or the rebels into the game! They should be able to make a min of at least 4 different leaders based on those 2 alone! 2 covy style for the flood and 2 UNSC style! I mean if they are not going to do anymore updates then they should just make the game a freeware for the users to update... I mean come on it worked for doom2... Also 3 startans should be able to jack a scarab, or throw other spartans out of tanks, I mean the updates to this game could be endless... I just think that the Halo Wars franchise could be something that SC2 rivals for consoles... there needs to be a twitch community streaming to get the word out about how amazing this game is... As my profile says... I'm here till they shut the servers down... HW till the end... If anyone thinks this game's balance is off... They clearly are just not very good at it... haha
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