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  1. I like both CE and 2 so I'm glad that its multiplayer is returning in Halo: MCC. It would be nice if 343 could take the Halo Anniversary maps that were previously played on the Halo: Reach engine and make them playable in Halo: MCC. It probably won't happen though because it would be too much work to make a H2A engine and a CEA engine. It doesn't matter too much though since we get the original maps.
  2. I'n probably going to be playing on Lockout a bunch this November. It looks amazing in the remastered graphics.
  3. I like the control scheme from Halo 3 or 4. Both will probably be in Halo: MCC... I'll have to pick one as the universal control scheme or I will get confused though.
  4. I pre-ordered shortly after it was announced. I haven't gotten a chance to play Halo 2 multiplayer before and I will probably enjoy it. I was going to get a PC instead of an Xbox One.... until 343 announced Halo: MCC.
  5. I'm glad 343 decided to remake Lockout. It, along with Midship, were probably some of the best team slayer maps on H2. BTW the remake looks great. I can't wait to see what the final map will be.
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