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  1. I have the exact same problem. When I try to upload one of my files it says "the name of the creator of this file is not allowed on Xbox LIVE. My GT is EI PauIo. Nothing rude there but I've figured out that the EI part is blocked for some reason. I've searched Xbox forums and made a thread about it an people respond saying words like FALL, DAVE are randomly being blocked. The people there directed me back here saying that 343 can control these censors. But if you try to change your motto to one of these "obscene" words it doesn't let you, meaning that this is more likely some new filter from Microsoft. I also have Bungie Pro and would like my money back if this problem isn't fixed.
  2. "Sergeant Major Kicking the Hell out of alien ass Johnson, reporting for duty!" Sergeant Johnson firefight voice - Halo: Reach
  3. I do have spaces left and I have pinpointed the "inappropriate" part of my name. Anything with el and then a space or ei and a space is "rude". You can have el____ no spaces or le. It is screwed up.
  4. No I haven't and I'm not going to. It's not Bungie's fault - it started a few days ago. I'd say it's probably Micro$oft's fault with some crazy new filter. I was hoping maybe 343i could do something about it.
  5. All of those. I cannot upload anything with my name on it saying that I either created or modified it.
  6. I tried that just then and I'm afraid that that doesn't work. Thanks anyway
  7. When I try to upload a file which I have created or modified it says "The name of the creator/modifier of this file is not allowed on Xbox LIVE" WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? My Gamertag is EI PauIo the l's are capital i's I have been able to upload my files to my file share since Halo: Reach came out and now I can't for some reason. I am not file share banned - I can still upload files by other people. I spent money on Bungie Pro, and now I can't even use my file share pretty much. 343 please fix this it's not only me there are many other people in my situation. If anyone else is facing this issue please respond in this thread. If anyone knows why my name is block could you please explain why? ( : : ) - Cookie
  8. Im so excited for Anniversary!
  9. It's gonna get annoying switching back between Reach and Anniversary for other maps and Campaign, customs and forge.
  10. An undo tool would be nice Also a paint tool so you can paint objects certain colours
  11. (::)


    Hey people. I'm Cookie
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