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  1. Main thing is that the crew went to cryo, and were like masterchief at the end of halo 3 just waiting to be woken up for trouble or something else, but at the legendary ending you here serena say something, also halo wars sold big at the start, it failed because it was too simple for people and real rts players didn't like it, so 343 will make a new one which is either better like bungie where gonna do or as complex and good as command and conquer 3 games, lets just hope it is a lot better than the first one
  2. We won the game he used a scarab and 30 engineers and I used ****loads of vampires and banshees, they took a hissy fit, ******* terrible
  3. Right thanks a lot mate iffy win this battle I owe ya one If we*
  4. They say they will be anders and forge so ODST hunter vampire and jackel spam are out but is there any good ways to counter either of the 5 units they can bring out This is another rematch they want after they couldn't take when we won fair and square, this time we want them to remember their place
  5. Right so I'm here again with another topic, I need help this time as I've got two mates who want a rematch as they think they have found the answer to my ODST spam and my friends scarab spam, anyone know some great tactics that will put them in their place? We always have a 30 minute ceasefire to prepare, so is there any tactic that will put them down such as suicide grunts
  6. And I agree with you on that 100% mate
  7. Yea try telling that to my mates who get pissed at the tactic
  8. On legendary and heroic difficulties only And I only.build two types of units they build every unit and man spam them
  9. I've already know that tactic people say man spam is nooby but then again it isn't a rush like others even if I can get it in 10 minutes I don't rush
  10. In halo wars I use odsts to combat lots of tactics, mainly the scarab tactic, I have all infantry upgraded, spawn three Spartans and move them to the enemy bases once they are there I drop the men in and spam it, each time one dies, 5 replace it, it should take about 5 minutes for normal bases 10-20 if defended with units, the only downside is money and tech, without either it is useless and the only counter is snipers or flame units or if I am rushed early, people consider this man spam, it is but it's devastating and I've never been countered by anyone except rush which I don't count as a counter more of a f**k you and your tactics, in 7-8 minutes I could have ODSTs or if I upgraded spartans 10 minutes, feel free to comment of some bad sides or good, no hate comments and please comment your own infantry tactics, remember its a base killer and scarab killer tactic, if you use it right
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