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About Me

Not really anything important but this is just a list of cool people since I just want to give a shoutout to these people for making me very welcome on this site but most importantly being a good friend to me so here is my list of friends:


1. The dumb marine/Weiss Schnee (mr weasel)


2. Onsokumaru (the guy who we barely see anymore [come back buddy] :()


3. Connor Kenway


4. Edward Kenway


5. Ruby Rose (lil sis)


6. UNSC Spartan-II


7. Beckoningzebra1 (Bluezodia)


8. RedStarRocket91 (Mr Rocket)


9. тυcкєя


10. Sparky (sparkster)


11. Drizzy Dan (double d)


12. Church (churchill)


13. Yoshi 1176


14. Halo5willbecool


15. Ash (evil darer number one)


16. Twinreaper


17. Melody (bubbles [evil darer number two])

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