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  1. Hi, alot of Halo fans have been complaining about Halo 4. 343 have made some mistakes and have caused major issues in this game. I'm a major fan of Halo. But for the first time. I actually thought Halo 4 was screwed. The're are so many annoying things about this game. I actually rage so hard over this like no other Halo game. All my friends have quit playing. It's going borderline and Halo 4 or the next Halo needs to be better, because I believe if it keeps heading in this track it will go down hill. So I've decided to address this issue and I hope somebody listens to this and takes it seriously. Especially 343. Here is a list of some problems in this game. Bolshot is OP (Why get a shotgun or a scattershot in your ordinance when you spawn with a bolshot) Assault Rifle is OP (or atleast abit more powerful then any other Halo game) Spawning with plasma nades. Joining mid games Weapons despawn to quickly. Spawning with camo (noob combo = camo and bolshot) No good connection and good connection search No file share Bad playlists No veto No 1-50 rank system Auto pick up flag and can't drop it. No custom maps online Mantis is OP (Prefer a falcon instead) Wepaon spawns are reandom (You can't learn weapons spawns) Instant respawn Kill cams need fixing (glitchy) Spartan ops should be able to play offline Armor abilities NEED BALANCING. Now by reading this, you might think I'm just some player that's just winging about these problems. But these are actual problems. If you play this game and you're serious and like to 5 shot with the dmr and br, you will find that people spawning with plasma nades that spam them at you or run at you with assault rifles is annoying. Here is a video link to why the bolshot is annoying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0cG0jGuTQ0 The bolshot is very stupid. It's only because you can spawn with it. I consider it as a power weapon. If you couldn't spawn with it, then It'd be abit more balanced. But since everyone has one all people do is camp around corners with camo and bolshot you. It's stupid. If you want to practice strafing and etc... It doesn't work against bolshots and assault rifles. It's very frustrating. This makes the game not enjoyable but annoying. Please take this seriously. It's a serious problem. If you agree or have anything else you would like to add, post it below. Once again, please take this seriously. Thanks. Here is a link to the same post that I posted on Halo waypoint. It's become a big post and alot of people agree with the post and have some opnions. Please consider reading everything and what the community is saying. We want you to LISTEN. We've posted this to an MLG Pro Ninja's live stream and on the stream he stated that he agreed with the post on waypoint (same post as this one) SO PLEASE LISTEN 343 https://forums.halow....osts&m=2143578
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