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  1. Armor lock has been fixed for the title update in Halo Reach =D!! Here's the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDTkHzA4rDE&feature=channel_video_title Well it has been fixed enough to where they aren't invincible but... they can still probably pull the bull crap where it drains your shields after you punch them but who knows maybe they fixed that too
  2. Well of course your going to see more people playing halo reach, Halo 3 is better but it's still nearly four years old and everyone is going to choose the new one over the old. Also, if they are going to include aa they should make it a pick up like everyone else has stated in this thread. Make it just like halo 3 pick ups, except with armor abilities you lose it once you die and you have to go look for it again once you respawn, if its not there... well your SOL =D. If they were to include armor lock into Halo 4, they would need to make it to where once your in it you have to wait for it to end so you cant just go in and come right back out immediately. Armor lock is definetly not balanced and one example of this is if you punch someone (whom you never knew had armor lock) and they immediatly go into armor lock it counters your punch making you lose all your shields and all they have to do is quickly exit armor lock and shoot you in the head, throw a grenade, or punch you right back... That's ridiculous.
  3. Definetely a hybrid of both in which it takes skill to reach the higher ranks rather lots and lots of playing grunt apocalypse and such. I still think they should keep the credit system since it was a great idea for buying armor but it shouldn't affect your leveling up. I'm not sure how halo 2's ranking system worked but apparently lots of people liked that so I would say halo 2's ranking system plus credits from halo reach.
  4. That would be the greatest combination of helmets, in my opinion.
  5. Nobody on this thread has judged it in any harmful way, actually i specifically said i like the halo 4 armor more than halo 3. Do you think this could possibly be mk VII?
  6. Thanks for posting them side by side, i couldn't figure out how to do that
  7. Ok, so lets play a fun game of spot the difference between Halo 4 Master Chief and Halo 3 Master Chief. I think it's rather intriguing looking at the differences between the two and then wondering... WTF happened when you were sleepin' Chief?? Honestly i think the "Halo 4 armor" (this is what im calling it until someone confirms that its a mk VII or something because it doesn't really look like mk VI) looks better. Here are the pics. now get to spotting Halo 3: http://blstb.msn.com/i/83/EF50FEDA47126A5DAF60328DA53994.jpg Halo 4: http://resource.mmgn.com/Gallery/full/Halo-4-Master-Chief-1041428.jpg Post your reactions/whatever you want to say beeelow... vvv
  8. I would love the idea for halo zombies aka flood fight... Well that's what i hope you were talking about because i wouldn't really want to play a fire fight where the cpu's are spartans with energy swords, i would way rather be swarmed with constant waves of flood on really eerie levels etc... But if they do make this idea a reality, please don't make it like cod zombies, keep like firefight. I love cod zombies but it just would ridiculous in halo.
  9. Ok so im trying to comprahend the sub tags part of what your saying because i have no idea what those are. Do you mean it didn't really have a health limit nor a certain form of attack besides insta-kill? Also, that the insta-kill and no health limit weren't originally supposed to be part of the flood juggernaut but since bungie didn't get to finish creating it, it just stayed that strong? Also,the flood juggernaut's could replace hunters if no one wanted to have a mini-boss of any sort. 343i would just need to make it look good when it attacked as well as make the health generally the same as the hunter... Oh, and it needs a death sequence because the halo 2 flood juggernaut just froze when it died. I think this flood could give a really good "odds are against" you feel when the flood shows up and its just a very frightening creature to fight against giving it all the more reason to be placed in halo 4 =D
  10. Hopefully they make floodfight; that would probabley be way better than firefight if they can add some really good ideas to it.. well that's my opinion.
  11. Yes, you are right about the shield world part and that the flood would have been killed off by now, but.. You said chief could be anywhere meaning he could've landed in the galaxy and on a planet full of flood (highley unlikely but just saying) or since this games iiis called halo 4 it will most likely take place on a halo ring and there are probabley still flood forms on the halos. Since the flood are from a different galaxy the forerunners probabley preserved some of them to experiment on so they could still be on one of the halo installations
  12. They probabley didn't i don't really want to find all the stuff that supports this but you can ask everyone.. They're probabley still out on shield worlds and stuff
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