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  1. Thanks for the info bro, it is highly apreciated.
  2. i would like super cool bonuses for pre-order and a legendary edition, also i want an early date of release ;D
  3. im sorry if this topic has been posted ,i dont know, and i didnt make too much topics for that reason cause the idea was probably taken already,but,i found a cool video surfing in the web. any way watch it i you havent watched.
  4. really interesting info but it could be a scarab but nevermind. ty for the info
  5. there is the link hope it helps:http://www.ign.com/videos/2011/08/28/halo-fest-halo-4-panel
  6. or you can watch it on ign
  7. if there'S one(beta) i think is too early probably they will put the beta later on cea.
  8. at the same page i found this: http://halo4hub.com/news/halo-4-details-leak-just-speculation
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