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  1. If you didn't get a code, then you're SOL for now. Nobody knows when they'll be released outside of the code. For more information about the code, please go read page 2 of this thread. thanks.
  2. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Specializations Tada.
  3. If you don't see it in your email, check the message center on your xbox account. Make sure you're using the email your xbox live account sends emails too. If you don't know what email this is, login to xbox.com go to account settings and then click "Contact Preferences" If you changed your contact email, you'll see which email you have to check here. If its not in that email, or the message centre on your xbox, then you're SOL unless you can contact 343 directly with a complaint, because xbox support won't help you.
  4. I have no idea what 343's plans are, just that they'll be released later. Probably when they have lots of players trapped at 70. You have to download the "Specialization Priority Alpha" if you activated the code on xbox.com, which means going to your download queue to start the download manually. I was confused by that as well.
  5. You will not be able to unlock any other specializations until a later date. Only those who played the game before November 20th got early access.
  6. I'm already 32.3% complete with the rank system and I only play on the weekends. lol.
  7. There are people at 130. The first guy to hit 130 was someone who got the game on the 1st, and I played with a 104 today in Oddball, but he sucked big time.
  8. It worked for me. Another possibility is to open the page, copy the code, log into your account and redeem it that way. Either way you'll get the same results, which is unlocking "Specialization Priority Alpha" for download. I didn't realize it was a download until this morning so.. lol.
  9. So my xbox live account is tied to my old email, but the emails arrive on the new one. So the code got sent to the new one. I'm assuming other people have been having this problem, where when they try to redeem the code it tries to create a new xboxlive account. I have the solution. Log into your email that recieved the code. Open the email as a web page in a new tab. Log out of your email. Log into the email associated with the XboxLive account. Go to the tab you opened the email as a web page in, and hit the button. It should now let you redeem your code on your xbox live account. ENJOY THE NEW SPECIALIZATIONS
  10. And there have been a large number of other topics both here, waypoint forums and reddit about the code arriving on the first, yet someone needs to ask again. [email protected]
  11. Someone doesn't read topics before asking previously answered questions.
  12. 343 originally said that the codes would arrive before November 30th, but they updated it to December 1st. So your code could arrive today, or tomorrow, or thursday friday or saturday. who knows? Only 343. You should be fine. I've been checking both my old and new emails daily and while I still don't have any codes only my new email has received any emails regarding my xbox live account.
  13. Lol. It doesn't matter, I checked the day I first got told too and Gamestop said that they couldn't print another code.
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