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  1. uhh it happend before the human covie war. While the USNC was still trying to put down a colony rebelion.
  2. I'd go back and redo the sounds. Get the original audio (clips?) for the Covies, weapons, and ESPECIALLY the vehicals and use those instead of the ones 343 decided to go with. I would also change the spartan ops to either monthly or quarterly relases that were more of small campains with different maps. Not just the mutiplayer maps used over and over and over and over.
  3. This happens way to much to just be a lag problem. I've certainly see it, and it's annoying as hell to stick someone then watch it bounce off. I've also had this happen numrious times with ghosts and warthogs. I see the thing acutally land on it, then act like its a UNSC frag granade and bounce off. And is it just me, or they Plasmas a hell of a lot weaker in this game than they were in the past. It seems like now the enemy almost has to be standing on top of it to get any damage delt to them.
  4. I was thinking there were to many elites with swords. I wish they should change it up a bit though with the hunters. Maybe drop in 3 or 1 or 4 or something. Not just the same duo every time.
  5. Because the Flood were an enemy he could understand. Yes they were winning the war, but their tactics, tech, and so on were things that wern't THAT Far ahead of what UNSC had. After he head the report from Cortana and the M.C. he probably about s*** his pants. And he wouldn't be the first ship commander that cracked under pressure. You can go back and read some books on WWII where commanders locked up before or during a battle. It happens.
  6. 1. His bio signs were off because the Librarian had just flipped on a bunch of dormant DNA for him to fight the Didac with. With out it, he would have been blown away pretty early on. My understanding of this was, this was something that was hidden in humanity, just not turned on yet. 2. Looks human to me. As pale as his skin would be being in a suit all the time, its hard to make out what it would look like. 3. He has a bridge, it's clearly visable.
  7. I'll just go and do something else for a while. You'd be surprised at how much better you are after taking a break.
  8. I think he was just afraid, the Didac was a possible threat on a whole other level than he had ever had to deal with. So his first reaction is to go run back to the fleet where he would feel protected.
  9. At this point I'd even take her being able to fix Cortana and just make her a stable AI again.
  10. Well one of the things that made me think that was in the videos you find in Halo C.E. Anv Edition was Guilty Spark talking about all the experements he had been programed to do over the Eons he was alone. Made me wonder what the other rings were doing, and if the Librarian wans't recieving the results herself or just working on the problem.
  11. Shouldn't Glasslands be AFTER Halo 3? The war ended in that book as I recall as Halsey and the next gen of Spartains were hiding out. And thats when she was arrested by UNSC or Oni, I don't recall which.
  12. I won't count it out at this point, but the Halo Rings wiped out all life that could feed the flood (including them), so unless there are a few frozen somewhere I don't think we'll be seeing any. If anything it will be more copies, like the Librarian.
  13. What do you mean where did I see that? It was where the cut scene where the Librarian was talking to M.C. they made a point of talking about how the Forerunners had been able to convert physical people to digital constructs, but hadn't mastered going the other way. Though this is a copy of the Librarian, theres nothing to say that she couldn't have been working on this over the time she spent on Requiem.
  14. Everyone was very excited about the game when it was released, as I recall it had a large pre-order. I myself was on that list. And was let down by the game in the end. Unless someone really botches one of the games, anything with the Halo title on it is more than likely going to sell exceedingly well.
  15. I thought she used the last of herself to teleport him off, that "bubble" he was in almost looked like it was made up of the light bridge. I thought maybe she some how used that to create the shield.
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