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  1. the spawn close to you.. well that was annoying at first. but now im aware of it.. so i adjust... when things are not the way people are used to them being.. i say .. adjust.. deal with and become a boss at the game..
  2. Custom uniforms for clans... lol.. i would have a Raider Nation look..
  3. if it was up to you, you had complete control over Halo, what would you do different from 343. What would you do to Halo to improve the series? Personally.. I would like to see the ability for people to make custom maps and the whole community being able to access them in a simple manner.. (sorta like starcraft had it) I would make ranking a lot harder.. When a person is say a 70, that rank would fit their skill not just how many times they played.. some of the worst players are ranked high.. yet its only do to the fact that they have played nonstop... Any thoughts on this?
  4. there should be a dislike button... lol.. now im complaining about something other than the game..
  5. The day it comes out.. i will own it..
  6. I agree.. but ive learn to just ignore the complaining and to look for the positive folks.. i enjoy playing this game..
  7. i never really used the boltshot much.. but after a minute.. im going to say its like starting off with a shotgun... it is an advantage .. especially against noobs...
  8. Its funny but i can understand why a franchise would cater to noobs.. they need more people to buy the game.. and when you are new.. it sucks to be dominated every game but some nerd who spends his whole life playing all day... So i can undestand the balance.. to introduce the game to a new audience... with that being said.. i think you were on point with much of your criticism
  9. my videos will never help you get better.. lol but i will entertain you as i kill noobs
  10. Why everytime i play some little badd azz kid, the first thing he wants to talk about is me being a 40 year old man and living in my moms basement... What i want to know.. What is wrong with that? How else will i become the best gamer EVER... i need mommy's support Mom cooks Mom Cleans Mom drives me around MOM IS AWESOME!
  11. what..the..in the..what..what..lol
  12. Welcome.. and the forum is awesome.. minus a troll or two
  13. When i snipe.. i camp like a boy scout..lol
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