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  1. its the true, but if you tink in thr ositive things: 1-in the other halos i hate the banshe and the scorpion is overpower because the person who has it can kill and kill and that is so bad. I respow and the banshe kill me and again and again and then again i respawn and the banshe kill me I THINK THAT HALO 4 ITS VERY GOOD AND IS FALSE ALL THE DEFECTS THAT YOU SEE ON IT.
  2. WHAT ARE 343 THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if 343 think that some day they can repair the big fail of quit the unsc sky vehicule and mammut of multiplayer, i say NO you never can repair that fail y realy, realy, realy, hope that in halo 5 you can use sky vehicule and mammut in multiplayer,
  3. post your finished lodaut¡ my lodaut primery -DMR secondary -BR granade -promethean ability -auto-turret upgrade -ammo package -firepower (if you dont now firepower its that you can chose 2 1° weapons) name of mu lodaut: Reclaimer
  4. After this go to Create your lodaut 2 for abilities, suport and package
  5. What is the 18° image that show a base on the space or something like that?
  6. I would like a covenant gun that shoots two bullets at a same time. But of plasma i would like that the weapon has the same bullets of the needler. Me gustaria que hubiera un arma covenant que dispare 2 balas a la vez, estas balas no serian plasma sino de los "picos" como de los del aguijoneador.
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