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  1. Agreed. I just want Blood Gultch Coagulation back!
  2. Is everyone just posting without reading what I am saying? You are wrong. Now give me my Co-pay back Doc, cause rubbing aloe vera on my neck for this bullet wound did not work this time.
  3. I cant wait, I never got the CE anniversary but I will absolutely get this one!
  4. I love this thread lol. I will say tho that I have never wondered if they get diseases. I have wondered if they do feel pain. Another thing I have asked myself, when you flick a bug or swat a fly, is it in comparison of a human getting hit by a vehicle?
  5. I like this feature a lot. I have always been a good flag runner, now I am going to be good and deadly.
  6. The lighting in this game is astonishing. I really hope that what I have seen in all these screen shots, is what I will be seeing as im playing the game.
  7. Thats absolutely fantastic! I would actually love to have that on my wall.
  8. Agreed, I have seen that guys work, hes amazing. Welcome to this great community!!
  9. Thanks for that, I havent really done any research on this game. Now I dont need to, I got all the information I need.
  10. They did show that you can actually do that didnt they?
  11. C&C was great I totally forgot about that game.
  12. Yes it was called VIP, it was a little different tho.
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