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  1. Hey guys! I've recently been making Halo campaign playthrough videos in order to prepare for Halo 4! I recently finished Halo: CE and started playing through Halo 2 and will continue on my quest through Halo 3! Like I said, I want to get the story line of Halo down before Halo 4 comes out, so join me in my venture! Be sure to check them out here! I upload these videos daily so if you would be so kind to leave a thumbs up on a few of them, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Attention all participants! Today (July 30) is the last day of the contest! Please submit your speedruns before 11:59 PM CST! For your convenience, here is the CST timeclock: CST Timeclock Thanks to everyone who participates!
  3. Hey guys! In addition to my Halo: CE Let's Play, I've also decided to create a Minecraft Let's Play series!! For those of you familiar with the PC version of Minecraft, the whole purpose of this series is to see how long it will take me to complete the game for my first time! I started with a random world which has actually treated me pretty well so far! If you're interested, please go check out this new series on my new channel: I will be uploading these videos daily! So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe!!
  4. Yes! If all goes as planned, Halo 2 will also be played! Thanks for the support!
  5. Hey guys! I've already uploaded almost a week's worth of Halo: CE playthrough videos! Be sure to check them out!
  6. Hey guys! I've recently been making Halo: CE playthrough videos in order to prepare for Halo 4! I've never played Halo: CE before and in turn, I have no idea of how the Halo storyline goes! So that is why I am playing through this game; I need to get the story line of Halo down before Halo 4 comes out! Join me in my venture! Let's start with Combat Evolved! Be sure to check them out here!
  7. EDIT: Congratulations to Joystiqs for coming in first place in the Ty's Challenge Contest with a total time of 2:49! Very well done and $40 will be awarded in prizes! Joystiqs Speedrun Times: Ty's Challenge 1: 0:56 Ty's Challenge 2: 0:53 Ty's Challenge 3: 1:00 Welcome Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thpaKABx4UM Official Rules Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARW0eF6DPIE Welcome to the Ty's Challenge Contest! Basically we're going to have this contest where you have to run through and complete my Three Ty's Challenge puzzle maps as fast as you can. The person that gets the fastest combined final times on the three maps by July 30th 11:59 PM CST will come in first place and get a prize of $40! In order to qualify all entrants must download the correct Gametype and Maps from my fileshare. Since the switch to 343 industries, you can't download files from Bungie.net anymore, so to do this simply go to my fileshare in game by sending me (Tylyr1) a chat invite, then view my profile, and then fileshare (see official rules video). Once there, download Ty's Challenge, Ty's Challenge 2, Ty's Challenge 3, and the game variant; Puzle Play. Now that you have everything you need to begin, here are some other technical rules: - There must only be one person in the game for the speedrun to count. - You must complete each map in order for your final time to be calculated. - All breaks you find CAN be used! Use them to your advantage in order to cut your time down!! To submit your speedruns, all you have to do is upload all three of your files next to each other in your fileshare. Once you have that completed, simply go to your email and send an email to TylyrsChallenge@yahoo.com. In this email, include your gamertag and the slots in your fileshare you uploaded your videos to. Please use the following format when submitting; GT: [GAMERTAG] FS: [FILESHARE SLOTS YOUR SPEEDRUNS ARE IN] Your Final Time will be calculated by adding each of your three speed run times together. For example my speed run times for these maps are shown here: Ty's Challenge 1 - 2:55 Ty's Challenge 2 - 4:27 Ty's Challenge 3 - 2:35 Added together to calculate my Final Time gives me 9:57. *Note that the times are measured from when the film starts to when the film ends* Thanks to all who participate!
  8. I was watching the Halo 4 campaign gameplay trailer the other day and while I was watching it I realized that the campaign in this game looks amazing and that I would never be able to pass it up! By the end of the video I was almost drooling from the awesomeness of it! It was also by the end of the video when I realized I had no idea what "a forerunner" actually was... Don't get me wrong, I started playing the Halo series at Halo 2 and I've went on from there, never missing a game. But the sad part is this: I never got into the campaign side of the game, I primarily stuck to the multiplayer aspect. I think I played through the Halo 2 campaign once; but I was an impatient little kid at the time who didn't like to sit through cut scenes. So when Halo 3 came around and I actually wanted to get the story down, I couldn't do it because I had no idea what was going on. It was then when I bought Halo: CE to start understanding the story of Halo, but still being an immature teenager, I got bored of the game and its graphics and never made it past the 2nd mission... Moral of the story: I was a dumb kid and I know very little about Halo's storyline. But that is where change comes in! I've recently decided to play through the Halo series starting with Halo: CE and possibly going all the way up through Halo 4. I've also made up my mind to record my venture of doing this (including commentary) which I will upload to my new Youtube channel regularly! If you would like to check out and support this new channel, feel welcome to Click Here: TylyrPlays - YouTube Thanks guys! All subscriptions and thumbs up are highly appreciated! X)
  9. Hey everyone! A while ago I posted a thread about making a "Halo 3 Remembrance" video and asked everyone for their thoughts about what the video should consist of. Well, I took everyone's awesome ideas and tried to cram them all into one 6 min video! Thanks everyone for the help! Here is the final product! Hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhccvcUUkwQ
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