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Found 4 results

  1. Total War: Rome II Let’s Play RedStarRocket91 and I are proud to present the first forum Let’s play in Rome II of the Total War series. For those of you who do not know about the game, it is a turn-based strategy game set in the early Roman times, soon after the death of Alexander the Great. The goal the games is to have your faction become the most powerful empire/republic and crush your opponents through war and diplomacy. With the release of the last major update a few weeks ago, we believe this to be a great time to begin a Let’s Play for Rome II. We plan to play a coop campaign, in which the forums will have a say on how we accomplish our goals. This means you guys will decide our enemies, our allies, and even our strategies. These decisions will have greater consequences as the game progresses, especially when an early decision turns out to be the worst possible. Although we will ask for specific advice, feel free to give your thoughts as the campaign progresses. The first choice we give the forums is the factions which Red and I will play as. Each set of factions has an overarching goal we plan to achieve, but that doesn’t mean we may get dragged into side wars or other theaters of conquest. We may even give these options to you guys if you demand it. Anyways, the factions: The first pair is the Kingdom of Epirus and the Greek colony of Syracuse. Rome has just pushed Epirus out of the Italian Peninsula, and marches south to Sicily, despite the defensive alliance they have with Syracuse. Epirus is losing a war in Greece, and Syracuse is wary of Carthaginian power. Will the Greeks be able to halt the Roman advance and extinguish this upstart republic? If so, where will they go next? Syracuse is a traditional Greek state, fielding armies of hoplites and light cavalry. Being a Greek Colony on Sicily, it also can field a strong navy. Epirus has always had to fight for land, both in Greece and Italy. Epirus fields a diverse Greek army of pikes, hoplites, and heavier cavalry. The second pair consists of the Spanish tribes of the Lusitani and the Arevaci. Although normally content to fight amongst themselves the tribes now face both Carthage and the new Roman Republic, who wish to expand their grasp into the Iberian Peninsula. Once they unify Spain, they will need to fight off these foreign powers. If possible, they plan to sack the four great cities of the world: Rome, Carthage, Athens, and Alexandria. Both the Lusitani and Arevaci field armies of swordsmen and medium cavalry with the support of slingers. The Lusitani field stronger infantry, while the Arevaci field the stronger cavalry. The Arevaci are well liked, while the Lusitani are renowned savages. The final pair is the Greek powerhouses of Macedon and Sparta. The Kingdom of Macedon, one of the four kingdoms set up after Alexander the Great’s death, must compete with the other Successor Kingdoms for power. Sparta has resumed its warring with other Greek States, but wishes to expand its power like never before. Will they be able to work together, and reforge the empire of Alexander? Sparta fields a strong hoplite army and some of the most renowned fighters even known. Macedon uses the power of pikes with heavy cavalry to route any army it faces. Will this be enough to bring the other Greek states to heel as well as the East? We leave this choice to you guys. Please pick one faction, and who you would like to play each specific faction. I will note that a majority of the footage will be from my perspective, so if there is a faction you want to see more of than the other, let us know. If you want more information on any of these factions, please visit the official Faction List: http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/Factions Should this go well, Red and I will hopefully expand future Let’s plays to other factions and the sub-campaigns. Additionally, Let’s Plays for other games will surely follow if this is successful. We hope you all enjoy this, and make sure to watch for this on the forums as well as subscribe to the forum Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/343iCommunity) so you don’t miss anything! Make sure to check out the announcement video on the channel below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MCu5HCnSgE
  2. Empire of the Forum Join me as we shall take over the ancient known world! Recently, I have been playing a considerable amount of Certain Affinity's "Rome 2: Total War." For those of you who do not know about the game, it is a turn-based strategy game set in Roman times, soon after Alexander the Great's death. The goal is to have your faction become the most powerful empire/republic, and crush your opponents through war and diplomacy. With the recent release of some major DLC, I felt this would be a perfect time to share this game with the rest of you. So, what is all of this about a "Forum Empire?" I hope that together as a forum we can start a Let's Play, hosted by me and possibly another forum member. I would be able to broadcast our time using Twitch, and edit and submit the videos for the forum Youtube Channel, creating either a complete play-through, or just highlights of our time playing. Here is where the community will come in: all of the important decisions will be left up to the forum to decide. Do we wage a naval war on Carthage, or land armies to sack Rome? Do we form a Celtic confederation, or subjugate them all? You need to know nothing about the game to participate. Just tell me what I should do next. I will try to accomplish as many of the decisions as possible, even if they are hard or outright crazy strategy-wise.If you really have no clue about what I should do, just tell me to wipe out another faction, or make an alliance if possible! So our first important decisions: 1. Do you want two people playing together, or just myself? If so, Who is wiling to join me? 2. What factions do we play as? (List below) Voting has ended for round 1, proceed to Round 2 voting below. The Starting Campaign Map: http://uppix.net/HYbHiO.jpg The Playable Faction List (I have all DLC): http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/Factions Voting for Faction ends on April 11th, at 10 PM EST. A Brief Summary of each Faction: Rome: The new Latin power in Italy. Has decent relations with Greek states to begin, but war will come with Carthage and the Celtic Tribes to the North. Powerful swordsman. Carthage: The old Punic power of Africa. Has decent relations with the Iberians, but will be thrust into War with Rome and desert tribes. Powerful pikes, cavalry, and elephants. Greek Factions: Macedon: The descendants of Alexander the Great. Their power is fading, but will set out on a new campaign to unite the Greek World. Powerful pikes and skirmishers. Athens: The city of Democracy has come across rough times. They are militarily weaker, but have good ties to Egypt and other Greek Factions. More naval and spear centered. Sparta: The militaristic city-state of Greece. Will they unite Greece and Anatolia, or set out West to reestablish Greek power there? Strong spears and pikes. Epirus: Descendants of Alexander's Greek mother. They have recently lost a war with Rome, and have the hatred of the Greek States. They have a good mix of troops. Pontus: The new Greek State in Anatolia. Will they go East to rule the Persians, go North to eliminate the nomadic horsemen, or Conquer Greece itself? Strong pikes and chariots. Seleucid: The Greek rulers of the East, although hated for it. They will have to go East, but can they hold off other Greek competitors? Strong mix of Pike, swords, cavalry, and elephants. Egypt: The Ptolemaic dynasty has held a grudge against other Greeks for decades. Will they go East to Arabia, North to Greece and Anatolia, or West? Mixture of units, strong navy. Syracuse: One of the last remaining Greek colonies in the West. Will they join Rome or Carthage, or set out to unify the Greeks? Strong pikes and navy. Baktria: The Last remaining Greeks in the East, and must form Alexander's Empire backwards. Strong cavalry and archer cavalry, with good pikes and swords. Barbarian Factions: Iceni: The ancestors of the English. They are secluded, and will have to conquer Gaul or the East before reaching the Mediterranean. Powerful Swords and Chariots. Arverni: The Gaulic tribe in modern day France. They will set out to unify Gaul, but then where will they go, To Rome, Iberia, or Germany? Powerful Swords and Cavalry. Nervii: Similar to the Arverni, but in Northern Gaul, and will have to go into Germany. Will they Take Britain? Less diversity and levels of troops. Strong swords. Boii: A Celtic Tribe in the Northern Alps, used to raiding and pillaging. Has bad relations with other tribes, and at war with German Factions. Strong swords. Suebi: The main German faction. Will they go into Gaul, cross the Alps, or go East to the Black Sea? Strong infantry and good cavalry. Glatatia: Barbarians in Anatolia, but somewhat friendly to Greeks. Will they go East to Persia, go North to the nomadic Horsemen, or take out Greece once and for all? Strong swords. Iberian Factions: Arevaci: One of the Iberian Tribes resisting Carthage and Rome. Will they ally with one, or hold off both? Then will they take Gaul, or Africa? Strong swords and cavalry. Lusitani: The hated Iberian Tribe. Can they conquer the other Tribes and hold off Rome and Carthage? Then to Gaul or Africa? Strong swords and cavalry. Eastern Faction: Parthia: The Eastern horsemen with Persian ambitions. Can they unite the East against the Greeks? Strong cavalry and archer cavalry. Nomadic Factions: Royal Scythia: Nomadic horselords on the Black Sea. Will they go West to the Balkans, South to Anatolia, or East to Persia? Strong archer cavalry and strong cavalry. Massagetae: Horselords of the East, and will have to wage war there. Can they also unite the nomads and take Anatolia? Strong archer cavalry and strong cavalry. Roxolani: The hated horselords. After conquering their brothers, will they go East, South to Anatolia, or West to the Transylvanian Alps? Strong archer cavalry and strong cavalry. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has.
  3. Pro Game Edits Hello everyone so I am new to the site. I am looking for a good halo clan that I can join. If any one can help, I have a HD PVR to record video with. I record in full 1080p. If you think I would be good for your clan message me on XBL: X B1ack W1dow X http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lss0yuAXYGc
  4. Hey guys! In addition to my Halo: CE Let's Play, I've also decided to create a Minecraft Let's Play series!! For those of you familiar with the PC version of Minecraft, the whole purpose of this series is to see how long it will take me to complete the game for my first time! I started with a random world which has actually treated me pretty well so far! If you're interested, please go check out this new series on my new channel: I will be uploading these videos daily! So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe!!
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