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  1. TLP Zeus


    haha im a celtics fan you guys took ray allen from us
  2. TLP Zeus


    yeah ive had an account here for a couple weeks but i never announced myself so hi
  3. TLP Zeus


    By now im sure that we have all seen halo 4 multiplayer videos on youtube and other places. One thing that stood out to me was the announcers voice. I know that its definately the same guy but he sounds different. In all the halos since CE he has basically sounds the same with just more things he says. I dont like the new sound of him he sounds more exited and faster.I hope they plan on doing some editing on that to make him sound more like he did in all the other halos. Do you like the way he now sounds?
  4. bottom line we are all halo fans lets stick with the new game makers and lets see if they can deliver
  5. Hello im TLP Zeus and if anyone would be interested in joining my clan that would be great we specialize in Halo Reach but we also play cod and gears please contact if interested
  6. TLP Zeus

    The Flood

    well basically here it is do u think that the flood should be in h4 whatsoever? personally i think that they should along with precursors. If you do think they should be in the game where? In spartan missions or in the campaign
  7. Hey guys im TLP Zeus and iam the leader or the TLP clan we specialize in Halo Reach but we also play gears and cod. So if your interested please contact me
  8. Dude the one about the solar system is a sick idea i think that is what they should do. They should also put characters in forge so that you can spawn hunters or grunts
  9. Hey guys i think that the beam rifle should come back along with the focus rifle. they were both great weapons and they should comeback also to go side by side with the carbine i think the needle rifle should come back too I also think that they should remake the sniper so that it doesnt look so ugly make it look like halo3s sniper
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