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  1. I was more than excited, and relieved when i watch the Halo 4 coverage at E3 2k12. BUt one thing is still left untouched FORGE. I want more abilities to change things. EX: Geometry, weather, LIfe, and other things. I want you'r guy's/girls opinion's about this Please respond with what you want answered.
  2. Halo 4 campaign looks pretty cool. graphic's are great, guns sound and look amazing. I honestly can't wait to play it. Wbu you guys what do you think.
  3. Ever since me and my friends first started playing Halo, there have been some vehicles we always wanted to try but never could. I've always wanted to be able to fly a Pelican. I hope in Halo 4 there will be a greater variety of vehicles than any other halo"s. Here are some possible Halo 4 vehicles.
  4. Wouldn't it be just awesome if in Halo 4 it had distructable content like someone tossing a grenade at a wall and it just crumpled down, like in battle field, it would be making the game a little bit more cooler. And i'm not saying that BattleField is better than Halo. ​I'm just implying if it would be cool
  5. Thank you for you're answer, and I agree with you.
  6. Could this be a possible armor effect in halo 4.
  7. In Halo 4 i hope to see new interesting helmets and armor accessories; For example i want to see a high tech ancient Greek Spartan armor. Are there any helmets you guys/girls want to return or be announced. Please post you're responses down below.
  8. In halo 4 I would love it if you were allowed to fly a Pelican. not only to be able to Carrie multiple passengers, it would be great for Clan Battles. Whats you're opinion, and what vehicle do you want returning or appearing in halo 4.
  9. In Halo multiplayer there are two sides Red, and Blue. Both have reasons for fighting each other"2 sides of the same story". What if in H.4.M you could choose which side you want to be on. Reply down below what team you would pick ( RED/BLUE ). What im saying is, what team color would you pick in multiplayer"Blue,Red,Green,Orange,Yellow" I prefer BLUE/GREEN -Chandler Reyes"ChandlerBing253"
  10. Ok i just learned that 343 is creating Halo 4 Live Action Films. I personally can't wait for this to happen. What do you guys, or girls want to see out of this cool opportunity Please post you're opinions down bellow.
  11. ever since i joined this sight i thought it would be some made up stuff to get people going, but really its full of facts, opinions, and hopes about halo 4 and its up coming legacy's. what i want from this topic is ur opinions on multiplayer and what u guys hope to see from it. i will post more topics every week, about Halo 4. signing out : Chandler Reyes(ChandlerBing253)
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