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  1. Halo 4 for PC would be Amazing!!! Btw for people that think Pirating on an Xbox is harder than on PC that's not true in the slightest. If I wanted to Pirate games for my Xbox I could do so easily. Indeed I would need to mod my Xbox but that's easy and not even an issue. People that use the Xbox just tend to be less tech Savy. Nothing wrong with that of course.
  2. I'm game for more Halo Titles for PC. Keep them separate from the Xbox title and I don't see what the problem is? Indeed you can play better on pc, but that doesn't mean Xbox 360 sucks. Its just the Nature of the controls. There shouldn't be any fight over it.
  3. I think it would be hilarious though, fighting grunts and elites in multiplayer? Especially if elites could tell grunts to do stuff like the commiting suicide with plasma grenades that we all love!
  4. This is my first post so sorry if I do anything stupid that offends :/, and I couldn't find anything on this topic. So I was thinking what if 343i made shots that could cripple you? Like say your energy shields are down and you get shot in the leg you wouldn't be able to walk very well? Or if you get shot in the knee enough you cant walk at all and have to practically drag your leg. I know that you would probably die super fast anyways but still. I think the concept is cool. I also think It would be cool if they also changed the Spartan and Elite running speed, (if they include sprint) and bump up maps size, cause you know how technically Spartans are able to run at 50 mph at a minimum. It would work super well if you played on large semi open open battlefields with barricades in stuff. If they included fist to fist animations where you have to press the buttons in the correct random order and the first to mess up loses. I don't want them to include this in Halo 4 of course. I just think 343i should consider these. Cause with the energy shields you could create a game that totaly redefines FPS shooters and very likely revamp the Halo franchise! Cause could you Imagine 64 player battles in a large scale war environment? With enemy battleships blasting each other out of the sky? Plus with the whole crippling effects teammates could drag you behind cover and use bio foam or something to slightly fix the cripple. Lol it would also be cool if they included grunts jackels and marines into multiplayer too xD... Anyways I talk to much what would you guys's thoughts be on this? (If you even understood what I was saying >_>)
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