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  1. "Exclusivity" isn't a point of pride when an item is exclusive to the console with the second-largest install base in the world. Suggesting otherwise is akin to saying, "Hooray for this elite club comprising the majority of console gamers!" In the context of all console gamers, an Xbox exclusive really isn't a treat. And would Halo 4 coming out for the PC really "kill" your interest in it? If you liking a game hinges on it being available only to the the majority of console gamers I think you should reevaluate your fandom. "I like a thing just because someone else can't have it" is not complimentary of the item in question; it doesn't account for that thing's inherent likeability beyond its exclusivity. Would any of the prior Halo games have been objectively bad just for being released on additional platforms? In any case, I want to see Halo 4 on the PC. I no longer play games on consoles. I've got a pretty good excitement level going for H4 and I'd like to know whether to nurture or kill it.
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