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  1. from previews halo 4 looks barely better than anniversary, it will probably improve but right now the lighting does not look improved and the AA is low
  2. okay, this isn't about preference, it is fact that a mouse is more accurate than a thumbstick, maybe movement on keyboard isn't as varied but really, walk and run is all you need, you also get good FPS on PC, compared to a maximum of 30 on consoles. and yes, graphics do matter in the end, if a game looks like **** and it could look much better if on PC then it should get at least a crossplatform release, if you honestly think how a game looks and performs does not contribute to the final product you are not thinking straight, FPS was developed around mouse and keyboard and frankly, if there was something better for detecting hand movements and translating them into the Player character's movements, they would have made it by now, or the tech isn't enough in motion control.
  3. i want it on PC because FPS is meant for PC, games like halo and timesplitters did do a good job of FPS on console but that fact is dedicated servers and Mouse and keyboard is far better for FPS, also graphics, but that is only a small part of it
  4. another amazing show of the modding community in halo CE PC, these graphics even exceed halo anniversary and possibly what halo 4 will look like on xbox
  5. oh and to add: here is a video of what the community has done with halo CE on PC
  6. even as the poster of this thread, i think it might be hopeless, microsoft does not know what is right or wrong for their company, kinect was not successful, halo reach probably had a higher net profit, they are hopeless and frankly i don't know why 343i is under them, there are many developers that made xbox exclusives that are not microsoft's slaves
  7. sorry, i didn't mean 1.6, but halo CE is still very active with at least 600 servers at a time and boomed with players about 3 or so years ago
  8. i am not sure if this is the place to post this. but i will adress it to the higher ups right now, as you may or may not have noticed, the PC audience sure isn't declining, but the fans of halo left on consoles has severly decreased due to the popularity of games like COD. I personally know many many PC gamers who would absolutely love both halo 4 to be on the PC, and for halo 3, ODST, or reach to be ported. i do not know your company's relationship to microsoft and why microsoft has decided not to have the other halo games on PC, despite that they own the only OS which games are developed for, but it is a fact that many people would love to have halo be a crossplatform release, and not a shoddy one either, it should be optimized for both PC and xbox. i would also suggest microsoft to abandon a possible games for windows live release, because despite a certain percent of the profit going to steam, the sales will be tenfold to retail, as many steam users are wary of switching to different services (origin is an example here). another note: halo: CE on the PC, has thousands of mods, and is still active to this day, even more active than something like CS 1.6. some mods even make it look close to as good as halo reach. this is a perfect example of how a PC release would make the custom content development boom, and PC gamers do prefere open source, even providing a simple system to upload custom maps from a mapmaker toolset (both forge and a devtool set, like valve's source SDK), and even custom made skins, weapons, etc. dedicated servers also also a must on any multiplayer PC release, i hope someone can see my suggestions and at least take it to mind, any supporters can discuss it too. :sorcerer:
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