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    My interests are halo including all of the halo games especially halo 5 now
    i really like assassins creed but i barely play that now
    and i really like super smash bros
    i got a wii u a while back and love it with smash bros and mario kart 8
    i now collect the collectable figures with them called amiibo even though they are hell to find
    and then i really like anime and manga and i am currently trying to write some as well, even though they arent the best right now.
    then i have seen well over a dozen anime that i cant list them all but here are a few
    angel beats
    prison school
    fairy tail
    chaos head
    steins gate
    fullmetal alchemist
    fulmetal alchemist brotherhood
    pokemon (still watch it too)
    assassination classroom
    k project
    is this a zombie?
    is this a zombie of the dead?
    my bride is a mermaid
    elfen lied
    and many many more

    i am always looking to play with people on halo MCC (i dont have live the works for xbox 360)
    and on smash bros and mario kart

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    jesse case
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    Jesse Case
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About Me

hell everyone. I'm haloman 2. i love music and halo. and i love this community. we are all friends. and all of you guys are my brothers and sisters. my favorite song is moves like jagger and my second favorite is dynamite. also I'm into theater and ceramics which is working with clay. i love to watch anime and my two favorite animes are canaan and full metal alchemist brotherhood. my first scifi crush was misty from pokemon. now i have millions of them. i love animals ad love people too. i'd do anything to help any of you out when you have a bad day or just need to talk. whenever things like that happen just talk to me and ill help in any way i can. also i don't actually have an xbox i just have a wii and PC but i have halo 1 and 2 on the PC and i saw the games in the steam database and sure as heck hope they are FINALLY going to put halo 3 and other future halo games on the PC. and last but not least. three anime/cartooon characters that resemble me are alphonse elric from full metal alchemist and brotherhood, ash kechem from pallet town in pokemon, and meta knight from kirby right back at ya and the games on wii, DS or gameboy.

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