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    Hello everyone! I'm Grunt STG, I've been playing Halo since the original XBOX. Took a few breaks here and there, the longest being recently when I left after the release of Halo 5. I came back to find the whole clan landscape has exploded and everything appears to be different (I mean what the heck is Discord?). Anyway I was slumming it with my brother for a few months but we kept getting stuck in lobbies where the 2 other team mates couldn't keep up and we couldn't carry them....and its frustrating to say the least. I figured a good way around that would be to join a clan or make my own. It hasn't really proved to be a "good way around" anything really. It looks like a lot of the clans that did exist "back in my day" either no longer exist or have moved on from Halo into other franchises. I see a lot of "role playing" clans, and I frankly don't even know what that means. So I put together my own clan, a website and all...And it has been a cluster ________. Recruiting is not what it used to be, at least not for Halo. Its been a struggle, but rather than give up I've continued on... And that is what has brought me to 343industries.org. Looking for some good folks to team up with...I got a post in the recruitment forum, so if you are interested, check it out. On a personal note, I usually play Halo a couple times per week. Usually right after the weekly challenges update and sometime during the weekend (if not on Friday night). I prefer SWAT to bang around in, but I'll play almost any casual playlist (especially to earn that XP from the challenges). I'll play competitive playlists as well, but the people in those game types are largely pieces of crap (sorry...not sorry), and frankly I'm not that good (but again, weekly challenges). Hit me up if you're looking for a clan!
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    Hello all! ❤
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    Hello everyone, Every once in awhile(by that I mean once every year or two) I log back into this account to see how you guys are doing or if anything has changed. I get overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia every time. I just wanted to stop by and say that I still think about all of you and all of the countless hours I’ve spent just chatting with people from all over the Halo Community. When I joined this forum I was an immature kid who really didn’t fit in anywhere outside of this community; you guys gave me a family. I will never be able to repay you all for the countless laughs, knowledge, and amazing memories you’ve given me. I truly hope you guys are doing alright and I hope that during these trying and stressful times that we always remember that there is beauty in this world no matter how bleak it may seem sometimes. For the ones that may forget : as long as this forum is alive , you will always have a family to talk to. Words cannot express how grateful I am to this community for being such a large chapter of my life, especially during my journey to becoming the man I am today. Thank you all. If you have the time, please reply to this topic or privately message me to let me know how you’re doing and update me on what’s changed in your life since we last spoke. A lot has changed in my life as I’m sure a lot has changed in all of yours. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or whatever to catch up, I certainly would not mind either. I will always make time for the ones that made time for me, and I wouldn’t mind seeing you guys pop up on my feeds every once in awhile. instagram: Dav_Stefanovski
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    Hello 343 Industries, I have always heard about this forum but was in the juxtaposition of it being something kind of estranged being named after the studio with no affiliation to the studios. Anyway I now joined as I created my own community on similar forum software as of this post Invision @ https://semper-vigilans.org and hope to look for more inspiration and design direction from here / I'm Shawn, been playing Halo since forever, but online onward from Halo 3. My favorite Halo, is probably Halo 3 but I do enjoy every Halo and what its brought to enrich the franchise. I'm currently living in Tokyo where the Olympics is being held and somehow I still get 100 ping to US West (which is actually amazing considering the distance) I now play mainly on PC and keeping a lookout for another console. I'm excited for Infinite no matter what it is, I love the story more than anything and well yeah that's about it. Feel free to hit me up on any of my medias my gamer tag is Shawn4Japan and my discord is Shawn#2189
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    GameStop has announced that it plans to rebrand all of its Canada-based EB Games stores to GameStop. Announced in a press release, all EB Games in Canada and the online store for EB Games will be swapped over to the GameStop name and brand by the end of the year, based on "feedback from our valued customers and stockholders." GameStop acquired EB Games back in 2005, at which point EB Games stores in the U.S. and Europe were rebranded as GameStop. There are about 4,000 EB Games and GameStop stores across the world. GameStop has been working on transforming its business and revitalizing it after several rough years. The company was on a downward trajectory in recent years, which was exacerbated by GameStop being forced to close retail stores due to the pandemic. However, early this year GameStop's stock price skyrocketed due to the WallStreetBets subreddit rallying behind the video game retailer. This stock increase helped give the company an opportunity to change its business. GameStop has since appointed a new CEO and CFO with ecommerce experience, looking to expand the company. While the rebranding of EB Games in Canada might seem minor, it might give GameStop more cohesive branding across the globe. View the full article
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    Definitely need Skippy as a custom AI voiced by R.C. Bray. This would be awesome.
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    YES!!! RC Bray as Skippy would be amazing!
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    I'm kinda curious if 343 will do some of us a favor and transfer the SR152 reward to another account. My current account is SR149 but my other account is going to be Halo related and is currently on Master Chief Collection. When infinite drops I'll be using that account to play infinite. That would awesome if they could.
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    Wait a minute... This place looks GREAT!!
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    I thought my phone was just being weird on this site. Then I get my brand new PC just to realize it wasn't my phone after all. The whole site has changed. Including the weird version of the shout box.
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    Banned because I miss all of you guys more...
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    Almost to my ten year mark on this site!
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    My baby is about to experience her first Christmas and I couldn't be more excited.
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    That's crazy, time sure does fly. In a matter of months it will officially be 10 years since I registered on here. Haven't been active lately, but I would like to say thanks. Thanks for letting my younger self create memories on here and express my ideas for Halo. With Halo Infinite releasing soon I thought I'd make a post giving thanks to anyone I interacted with on here. Love y'all, but **** y'all.
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    Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that we are adding two members to the Staff here to help ensure our little corner of the Haloverse stays happy and healthy. On our News Group: weighing in at a half ton including a Mjolnir GEN II powersuit, it’s UNSC Spartan II!! Spartan has been providing us with discussion for months now taking over the Weekly Site Poll. He is a valuable asset as one of our newest Staff members. *One Final Effort intensifies.* And joining the boys in blue on the mod squad, it’s Sikslik! Slik is a long-time Staffer previously coordinating events and streaming games. He’s shown me, personally, a lot of his passion that he still holds for our site and we know he will continue this as a C-Mod. Please everyone give them a nice congrats. On top of this big announcement I just want to add that we are in the process of brainstorming for site updates and you can expect to see some in the future. Heart you all and hail Twam.
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    This is my happiest day EVA!!! Twam says hi to me after i took a break when getting my new PC :3 (Azaxx gun be jealous)

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