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    Hello all! ❤
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    I thought my phone was just being weird on this site. Then I get my brand new PC just to realize it wasn't my phone after all. The whole site has changed. Including the weird version of the shout box.
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    Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that we are adding two members to the Staff here to help ensure our little corner of the Haloverse stays happy and healthy. On our News Group: weighing in at a half ton including a Mjolnir GEN II powersuit, it’s UNSC Spartan II!! Spartan has been providing us with discussion for months now taking over the Weekly Site Poll. He is a valuable asset as one of our newest Staff members. *One Final Effort intensifies.* And joining the boys in blue on the mod squad, it’s Sikslik! Slik is a long-time Staffer previously coordinating events and streaming games. He’s shown me, personally, a lot of his passion that he still holds for our site and we know he will continue this as a C-Mod. Please everyone give them a nice congrats. On top of this big announcement I just want to add that we are in the process of brainstorming for site updates and you can expect to see some in the future. Heart you all and hail Twam.
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    This is my happiest day EVA!!! Twam says hi to me after i took a break when getting my new PC :3 (Azaxx gun be jealous)

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