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    I would like to have a thread to discuss community wanted new features, weapons, equipment, etc. I will start by saying I would to see a new equipment added or a feature added to the boost equipment possibly. I would to see a gravity punch ability added. This would borrow the effect of the gravity hammer. Possibly more gravity splash effect with similar damage profile. See the gif below for an idea of what the animation can be like.
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    From the album: My Cat

    Another one of him sleeping, because sleeping cats are the cutest.
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    Honestly i hope they put in spirit of fire in the next halo . say like Captain James Cutter find a destress becon from the Infinity goes to help. and find the destruction of everything. then send a team in on a recon/recovery mission and run into Master Chief and is the only way out . all in all Old school UNSC helps out old school Spartan.
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    I actually prefer to be alone. But I'm glad you enjoyed it and happy new year by the way!
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    It's ok. I basically live in the middle of nowhere, lol. They take care of themselves most of the time. But they're cute. When I was young I used to sneak up behind them and jumpscare them. They flew up in the air before they ran away, it was fun. I had two cats that I believe were in love. Bruno and Pocahontas. They were always together. And they had a special place in the forest where they used to cuddle. I also remember a time when I was very sad. I went out to the porch to cry. It didn't take long however for the cats to notice and they all came out to comfort me. I ended up laughing instead of crying. Please do.
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    Obelix is a lovely name! Inspired by Asterix and Obelix? Lovely stuff. Interesting theory about their capacity to love, I must admit I haven't thought too much about it. It wouldn't surprise me though. 15?! Dayumm. That's impressive. That would absolutely keep you busy lol, one cat keeps me busy enough xD. I'll post an updated pic soonish!
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    Hell yeah, glad to hear it. I did too, thanks! Spent the time with my family. Always nice
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    Yeah, why not? I love cats. They are not only cute but intelligent as well. Sometimes I wonder if they are more capable of experiencing love than humans. I've had 15 cats. All died from old age... except one. Obelix is his name. And he's very different from the others. He's more playful and energetic.
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    I should post some updated pics haha, almost a decade later
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    Merry Christmas to you too! :DD Hope you had a fantastic day
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    Hey y'all! I'm a huge fan of ODSTs and since i've been wanting to get into the Halo community a bit more decided to join this place! Just know I am somewhat shy and have very little experience with how forums work so sorry if this somehow ends up on somewhere it shouldn't. Hope to make some new friends and all that!
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    From the album: Drawings

    Venerate the almighty Twam (Figured I should finally upload this)
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    Hello, I am a longtime halo fan who likes both bungie and 343 but I personally prefer the 343 artstyle. I can see that his forum does not need Chemo therapy like Halowaypoint. We can actually discuss halo.
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    Hey all, Very excited to be here, i do not know why i did not sign up sooner , I am a huge Halo Fan, really enjoyed the games and have read plenty of the books as well. i will try and contribute to discussions and to any topics i can, as well as have a blast with everyone. See you all on the site!
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    From the album: My Cat

    Keko Cat sleeping. Note that his bottom eye is trained right onto the camera lens... He knows that i have woken him, and retribution shall be swift.
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    From the album: My Cat

    This is him running for Prime Minister. He received 3 votes; Me and my parents. Despite having to meow to get his messages across, believe that he will get the position next election.

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