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    There is a video on youtube called Halo | Ultimate Theme Mashup and I really think that the guy who made that video did something fantastic. He combines the best music from all games into one soundtrack. Now in my opinion, Halo 4 and Halo 5 music was mediocre and thats because the music for halo games has been set to such a high standard so it's really hard to recreate what Marty O' Donnell did. Now I say instead of trying to do new music just use old music from old games along with new music. Halo 4 didn't play the main halo theme once I believe and that's insane. Once again I mention this video this guy did because it is such a great mashup of all the great halo music.
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    Hello folks! I have a Halo bug in me right now, and I feel like this place can help with that. My name online is Lotica. I'm an associate producer for a local TV station's morning show. That entails me editing video, writing scripts, setting up the 4:30am show, and managing the studio floor. I won't disclose which station for legal purposes, but regardless, it's a fun job (Minus the corona business, it's stressful then). I also attend college and I'm currently getting a Master's in Digital Media Management. My goal is to develop my own media production company and produce various forms of media down the line, starting with videos and even film. My history with Halo began with the second game around its release. I was in awe of the game. I stopped briefly with Halo 4 as I found it disappointing, but picked back up with Halo 5, despite that campaign being such a chore. I hated it. At least the multiplayer was okay. My favorite in the series was Halo 3. It just felt like the best parts of the first two games in one, and the multiplayer was a blast for the time. It also gave me the opportunity to star in a show known as Halo 3 Forges, which was produced by Machinima.com. Yes. At one time, I was part of a show on one of the more popular gaming channels of the time. *sigh* Good times. If anyone wants to know more about that, I'd be happy to tell what I can remember. It has been quite literally 10 years since that whole thing ended for me. Anyways, I hope this community is pretty friendly. Halo has been a somewhat-integral part to my life. It led me to several things that forged my career path and I like the stories behind how the original games were developed. There's a lot to them than just the shooting in my opinion. Okay. I know that's a bit cheesy. Let me just have this. Hope you have a great one!
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