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    Hello everyone, been on a hiatus since late 2019, computer died and lots of things going on in my life that responsibilities kinda took over. Decided to see how the old forums are going. (I love the new mobile look, it's very sleek and easy to use) Anyway! How have you guys been? It's been quite a while!
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    Hi Melody, I've also been gone for a while for life Things™ and Stuffs™. Just finally updated the forums too, finally mobile friendly and secure
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    Took a while, but we've got some more news on the TV series. Announced in 2013, it got everyone hyped, however 2018 is the year all the dead hype resurrects. Here's what we have: 2020 premiere, early 2019 production: 2018's coming to an end, believe it or not, and as each day passes we're getting closer to the next year. Spielberg's series will begin production soon, and we'll see the first episode sometime in 2020, if all goes to plan. 10 Episodes for the first Season: I think this is a fair choice, 10 good-length episodes. A lot can be packed in, whilst keeping it all relevant. If the show isn't going so well (which I doubt), they'll be able to end it soon as well. Master Chief will be "a lead character": "a", so he may not be the only primary focus, but it's likely he will be. There were many theories before about what this could be about. Harvest, Reach, post-Human-Covenant War. Now we have a better idea of who will be involved, with John-117 taking centre stage. We'll have a few other big names working on the series, such as writers Rupert Wyatt and Kyle Killen. One of the best parts is that Showtime's CEO David Nevins has said the series is "futuristic, space-based science-fiction, it's not fantasy". I feel that they're working hard to make sure this series sticks to Halo's roots. Are you all looking forward to the Halo TV Series? Share your thoughts down below. Sources: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/06/showtime-halo-tv-series-master-chief-lead-character https://screenrant.com/halo-tv-show-story-games-premiere-date-2020/
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    The Director is spot on. I think in the off chance that Halo Infinite becomes a revolutionary hit, the forum could see a change of pace. However I think that the entire forum (from top to bottom) would require a facelift. Remove forum sections that are unneeded, make it less crowded, and simplify the forum to direct traffic to a central location. tl;dr: If you simplify this place and give it a facelift, you could see a spark.... potentially. But my current opinion is the same as TD. Also: hi.
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    Ezio Auditore da Firenze
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    accualy is mister ...Mr. Kittens and Gibberish that is.
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    Secrets out I guess. It was fun while it m'Boom. Next up though, can I have a big round of applause for the actually-going-to-appear RED STAR ROCKEETTTT
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    You've got guts, I'll give you that.. but alas it's just little ol' me. PWN!

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