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    Hello 343 Industries, I have always heard about this forum but was in the juxtaposition of it being something kind of estranged being named after the studio with no affiliation to the studios. Anyway I now joined as I created my own community on similar forum software as of this post Invision @ https://semper-vigilans.org and hope to look for more inspiration and design direction from here / I'm Shawn, been playing Halo since forever, but online onward from Halo 3. My favorite Halo, is probably Halo 3 but I do enjoy every Halo and what its brought to enrich the franchise. I'm currently living in Tokyo where the Olympics is being held and somehow I still get 100 ping to US West (which is actually amazing considering the distance) I now play mainly on PC and keeping a lookout for another console. I'm excited for Infinite no matter what it is, I love the story more than anything and well yeah that's about it. Feel free to hit me up on any of my medias my gamer tag is Shawn4Japan and my discord is Shawn#2189
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    GameStop has announced that it plans to rebrand all of its Canada-based EB Games stores to GameStop. Announced in a press release, all EB Games in Canada and the online store for EB Games will be swapped over to the GameStop name and brand by the end of the year, based on "feedback from our valued customers and stockholders." GameStop acquired EB Games back in 2005, at which point EB Games stores in the U.S. and Europe were rebranded as GameStop. There are about 4,000 EB Games and GameStop stores across the world. GameStop has been working on transforming its business and revitalizing it after several rough years. The company was on a downward trajectory in recent years, which was exacerbated by GameStop being forced to close retail stores due to the pandemic. However, early this year GameStop's stock price skyrocketed due to the WallStreetBets subreddit rallying behind the video game retailer. This stock increase helped give the company an opportunity to change its business. GameStop has since appointed a new CEO and CFO with ecommerce experience, looking to expand the company. While the rebranding of EB Games in Canada might seem minor, it might give GameStop more cohesive branding across the globe. View the full article

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