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Spartan II S-173

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whats on my mind right now is what if in halo 6 they put my character in the backround of one of the cut scenes or as a easter egg i would be so happy so see the spartan II S-173 Updated 10 Apr · 0 comments

About Me

"What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you'd think." ―Angel S-173

Journal entry introduction- I'm a Spartan 2 and will become the next master chief I am S-173 holding on to the tag 117 for if master chief dies or goes missing in action for now tho I shall fight. Sometimes i fight with the ODST and ONI. Im also the leader of team cyan 4 member spartan team the names are Angel (me) and Andrew west and katie  anderson and Sarah trease  with me using a assault rifle and magnum and Andrew with a shot gun and magnum and katie with a Smg and magnum and Sarah with a sniper and you guessed it a magnum with my smart A.I named Catrina with a unique model this is S-173 signing off. End of journal entry

Biographical Information


Angel J Cendejas


July 23, 2511



Physical Information




207.7 cm (Without armor), 216.9 cm (With armor)






Chief petty officer  




SPARTAN-II Program, Class I




Team Cyan



United Nations Space Command


Spartan Neural Interface



Early Life

Angel was born on July 23, 2511, in the rural areas of the city of Corsica on the outer colony world of Concord.  Angel was, since childhood, very good at stealth.  Angel was known to have amazing reflexes and being very fast and agile, something that always gave him an edge over others, even during the tough Spartan-II training. At the age of 6 years old Angel was approached by a women DR. Cathrine halsey after talking for a short time the doctor left The next night, when everyone in his family was sleeping, a few ONI agents silently entered the house, and snatched Angel and was taken on a pelican and went to Planet reach. He then sat down in a corridor with the other trainees, later that night we were showed to the cafeteria got dinner and went to bed. "i was the 8th person wake that day when the doors open to the outside of a training course the air was fresh there." After training the members of the spartan II program got to eat, after that it was more training. The day after that and the day after that it was the same and when they did the ring the bell exercise Angel watched John 117 get punched by one of his team mates and spit on by the other, somthing about watching that made Angel feel alittle bad for John even while knowing he didnt help his team in anyway. Later that day he ate turkey with his team. some time later all the spartans went on an exercise mission, while Angel was told by the person next to him "to the river spread the word" Angel quickly went to the river and meet up with John and his team as well as Angels team and everyone else. While placing the pieces of the map we learned that one piece was fake after a while Angel then said "trees trees and more trees" then some one said from the group "quiet, grab some rocks and climb on the trees there people coming" Angel quickly grabbed 2 rocks and climbed up a tree. people came and Angel watched samuel sound sort of like a owl and watched john throw a rock., after john there was kelly then others and Angel threw rocks as well hopped down and went onto a pelican that john found. one day when Angel was 14 everyone had to go through augmentation, after the augmentation and Angel survived it he woke up feeling weird but better except for getting headaches. he went with everyone and they all saluted the dead and watched as the dead that were in pods went to space.  When everyone was on a frigate because of their first saw of the covenet Dr. Cathrine halsey made sure that all of us went to the lab, and we all saw project Mjolnir when halsey asked for a volentire after showing use a video john was the first and said "ill do it" so he got in the suit and took the first step Angel didnt look or couldnt look away from this. After john  took his step and we all knew we were safe we got out suits and blue team battled the covenet after that we all had our missions battled more covenet and the insurrection . One day Angel was told after a very dangerous mission from O.N.I that he would be the next John 117 the next master chief because 117 became M.I.A and Angel then said to the O.N.I person "why me, why not any other spartan? " the O.N.I person stared at Angel didnt say anything but "one day you will know the answer to that question, but until that day... fight the good fight" and the O.N.I person walked away. Angel went wandering the halls of a frigate and saw katie and said "hey katie" after a talk for a while Angel asked  "What does one does when faced with the truth is more difficult then you'd think?" Katie then looked at Angel and said "i dont know.." 

On a mission team Cyan meet blue team once again and Angel instantly went up to blue team and said "its been a long time..." Fred then said "it sure has.." after that there was a talk about both of our missions and we quickly part ways with no time to waste and as Blue team did their mission Team Cyan infiltrated a covenet base and blew it up and completed theirs. Many missions and many times seeing the other SII's and more spartans Angel still fights the good fight and hasnt gotten his answer to why he was choosen to become the next 117, the next master chief.

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    HaLo way point clan (UNSC the N3XT SPARTANS) is recruiting

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Spartan II S-173

whats on my mind right now is what if in halo 6 they put my character in the backround of one of the cut scenes or as a easter egg i would be so happy so see the spartan II S-173
Apr 10 2018 02:36 PM

Spartan II S-173RedStarRocket91

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Apr 10 2018 02:33 PM
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    Spartan II S-173
    ill be trieing to follow the rules alot im a Spartan and i follow orders so sir yes sir to rules
    Apr 10 2018 02:34 PM
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