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Ac7 oN ImPuLs3

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About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Hayden Byrd. I go by Ac7 oN ImPuLs3, my GT is A7oi3x ( [A]c[7] [o]N [I]mPuLs[3] )
I have always been a big fan of Halo since CE but, it wasnt until late H2 that I began competing at local tournaments and then finally I was introduced to MLG right at the transition from H2 to H3. I did some cool stuff in my time involved with MLG. I went to the 09 Meadowlands event where I played in the FFA tourney only to advance 3 rounds then finish just outside the top 100 (I have never been a great FFA player). Later in the year I was fortunate enough to win a raffle sending me to Illinois to participate in the Winter WonderLAN at ToTz's house. Spending a week in the same house with the top pros like T2, Strongside, Elamite Warrior Heinz and many more really peaked my MLG career lol. From that point I only competed in small local LAN tourneys and a couple online tourneys. When Reach came out the MLG Halo community died off almost completely due to the fact Reach was too different and did not work well for competitive play. I moved on to other games but NOW I AM BACK!!

I Have been playing H3 again and have been trying to get back into the groove of things in hope that H4 brings the Halo series back to life, and I can start competing again. I have joined this community to try and build a friends list as I will be freeing space on mine for new H4 friends! I would love to talk with as many people from this community as I can to get my name out there again. Lets make H4 a great friendly place and I hope to hear from all of you soon!

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    Football, Basketball, Grilling & Drinking, All things Halo, Most FPS and some RPG games (Skyrim is dope!), Shadowrun (the paper game)

  • Gamertag Gamertag  A7oi3x

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Ac7 oN ImPuLs3

Making things happen
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