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Posted 09 June 2012 - 11:26 PM


So just like Halo 1 PC Custom Edition. Can Halo 2 Vista have a Custom Edition as well...

The game is dead and needs some new flavor... Can there be a release of halo 2 vista source so that way there can be a halo 2 vista custom edition?

It would be greatly appreciated for a release of Halo 2 Vista Custom Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!


#2 Undead



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Posted 10 June 2012 - 01:41 AM

That would be pretty amazing but there's really no need for it. When Halo Custom Edition was released it was made for modifying the content inside of the multiplayer. Like maps, armor, weapons, etc. In Halo 2 there's already a map editor but you cant modify the armor or weapons. Either way its not needed.

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Posted 10 June 2012 - 06:55 PM

""""In Halo 2 there's already a map editor but you cant modify the armor or weapons.""""
Well the thing is.... yes there is a map editor... but have you even looked at the map editor... you get 16 shaders/textures to work with. Hardly any items to work with, you cannot add any custom vehicles or anything cool or special looking without modifying the Main Menu (which to some crazy people.... like the halomaps.org guy... say its illegal... etc etc etc) Not to mention.... you get next to nothing to work with inside of the map editor... you can't edit a thing with the stock map editor, cannot do this and that. Because it is stripped, locked and screwed up to the max (sorry for the lang... but it is true)
With the stock map, you may as well make a box map with only simple plain textures because there are no cool animations (holograms, etc), effects (fire, waterfalls, cool looking lights "theres like 2 lights that are horrid, that's it" etc) Buuuuut with the like 3-6 people working with halo 2 vista on making custom maps, decompiling/reverse engineering things here and there... they have unlocked a few things here and there... but even with what they have done, they and we Halo 2 Vista players, map makers and end users, have nothing else... just plain stock maps... and you cant download maps while the game is in session btw... (how retarded is that)

Bottom line is.... the map editor for Halo 2 Vista is the by far worst map editor in history...

We need something to work with and there is not very much to work with... i bought the game for the map editor and all the so called awesome features it has and cool new things they are going to ship with the game back in 07... well i bought the game and was very unhappy with the product... and I am still pretty unhappy with it... there have been no updates to the game. Wait there was one... no wait two... the LIVE update that broke the in-game voice and the update to remove the guy mooning a user, when they got a .ass error when exporting their halo 2 map from 3dsmax. (the bungie export tool exports map data from 3dsmax to a .ass format... weird extension indeed...)
But really all the hype for this game and yet nothing has been done to it in the five years since it's release, other than break it like dropping glass cup from a 100 foot cliff onto cement...
There should be a release for the halo 2 vista game. so that way we the community that plays halo 2 vista can fix everything and make the game much much better than what it is today and make it compatible with all os's bring in split screen/co-op/theater mode -maybe?/spectator mode/matchmaking/ everything that made halo 2 fun and then some, but with cool and amazing sexy sexy sexy graphics!!!!!!

so yeah i think that there should be a Halo 2 Vista Custom Edition Release and so that way with the source release like halo 1 pc, we halo 2 vista community can make amazing things and possibly with the release of the source and what not... it would bring a boat load of gamers to GFWL (Games For Windows Live)

#4 Twinreaper


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Posted 11 June 2012 - 08:04 AM

I'd just like to point out that you are complete moron Undead. A map editor by nature is designed to modify content inside a sandbox yes...but the HEK that shipped with Halo CE is a complete content CREATION tool, not a modifier.

That being said, how is a tool command line compiler that is fully unlocked and capable of compiling the entire tag set of a Halo game "uneaded" for Halo 2? How is a base tag creator/editor that spans the entire tag library (Guerilla) not needed? Why would a sandbox virtualization environment (Sapien) that was capable of placing things like bsp switching, AI pathfinding etc...not needed?!?

Sounds to me like a whole of people have "0" knowledge of HEK's and what they are truly meant to do. Along with that, people are tway too defensive about keeping Halo 1, the only one single true fully customizable game in the Halo franchise. Halo cannot and must not restrict itself to a single console only game. Custom content and cross platform playablility is what is killing Halo and bringing it the bottom allowing it's competition to stay on top. As it is, Halo 2's H2EK, is no greater than the crappy ass Forge mode we were given with Halo 3 and Reach. fact is...it's crap. There's no argument for that. Forge people like to tought how great they are at creating map layouts but he truth is, they fail in comparison to us truly gifted and talented map creators who spend years crafting the perfect bsp, weapon set, and other custom content that goes with it. If today's map makers..aka Forgers, were given tools to do what we do...they would quit and give up within a week. Prove me wrong?...





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Posted 11 June 2012 - 03:15 PM

I agree with you Twin :)

Plus with the release of a Custom edition/source release...

This would be even better and much more amazing with more actions, better ai, better animations etc etc etc ... this list is about 100 miles long on how things could be way better if the map editor was not so horrid and so on and so forth :/ (Custom Campaign Halo 2 Vista BY Kills Alone -H2MT)

#6 Tuna



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Posted 12 June 2012 - 11:05 AM

Back in the old days
That One Fish Guy

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Posted 12 June 2012 - 09:27 PM

I wasn't gonna post on here cause realistically this is asking for the impossible to happen no doubt, but it never hurts to try right?

From the start when Halo 2 Vista was released was the moment it was cut off by GFWL, it became totally unsupported and neglected. It and all of its players were left to take care of it themselves from the start. A lot of people who had bought the game for its supposed to be newer Editing Kit were left with a huge letdown. Where they expected tools to create custom content to there own desires, they were given tools that were completely stripped from there original state and limited to virtually nothing.

But this was just the start of all the letdowns from this game, when Hired Gun(Team who ported Halo 2 to PC) promised that users could create servers and manage them how they wanted. People were given servers that had very little documentation on how it worked, and what little documentation it had was so vague it was virtually unhelpful. A lot of features that people were expecting to have that the precursor HPC Servers had, were stripped away from the server leaving it easy for hackers to get back in and admins unable to do anything about it with ease. And when people went to Microsoft for answers they found that the team Hired Gun was disbanded and that there would probably never be support for Halo 2 Vista from Microsoft again.

That's about the time the Halo 2 Vista community got together and started fixing things up themselves by creating, remaking, reversing or modifying the game and its tools so they could do some of what they were supposed to get. Two individuals who made it there task to remove limits to some custom content creation were E3PO and Kornman00, the two of them both worked to allow H2Guerrilla to be allowed to make more content. That is when they release the Unlocked H2Guerrilla that had the ability to create any tag for Halo 2. But when you tried to use some tags in a custom map on Halo 2 Vista, the map would not load and be rejected.

With the server being so easy for hackers to bypass into, all hope was seeming to be lost on ever stopping them. That's when a individual named JohnnyBlaz made a tool that could ban a hacker even if they bypassed the ban. Soon after that the hackers got more aggressive and found a way to crash peoples games and make it close on them, and Games for windows live sat there and refused to help at all. That's when yet again JohnnyBlaz came and found a way to detect people who were doing it and took action on them, whether it be Blocking there ISP from connecting to the servers or getting there ISP to shut off there internet access for illegal activities.

ill post the rest later when i have time

#8 SpelWerdzRit



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 01:22 AM

This will be awesome, seems like a good idea also i agree that the map editor for Halo 2 is ****. It is pretty pathetic.

#9 Glory of a Far Dawn

Glory of a Far Dawn

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 08:14 PM

Could be awesome, running around with a finally OP Needler! :3
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#10 Drakhma



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 01:13 AM

read the whole thing not just half. -IMO-

they should do this. now. imo, halo2 pc not only had the best multiplayer, but was a Great great for PC, imo ppl who have never played it should play it and see how it was, halo 3s -4s multiplayer sucks imo, halo 4s Specificly because of that CoD / MW crap, i dont play those games multipayer Because of that crap halos multiplayer was and still is fun. i dont see any fun in the newer games, so far ill beat new games campaign, then go playa old ps2 game 15 times because its FUN.


go and look at ALL this amazing stuff that players have created.
now think about how Dead it is since halo 2 is gone. every time i get bored on a game that New/ Newish, i think about Halo 2 multiplayer, specificly playing zombies, yes somtimes ppl didnt folo the rules and use guns, but it was Still fun. i do not like the way they set up zombies for halo3-halo4. its not the same, and its not as much fun. more like stressful. video games are ment to be fun not stressful, when u take away the things ppl like, its not fun. i just bought Battlefield 3 played 3 missions, fell asleep in each one, havent played it since. its not fun its boring, the multiplayeri have not played ive seen youtube videos of it, looks fun but im not guna waste money on somthing ill play for a few hours and get bored with or fall asleep to. Halo2 i and Halo1/CE ive never fallen asleep too nor gotten bored of. yes its the Same thing over and over again but thats what every game is. you just dont think about it.

try thinking of how much FUN your Actualy having. laughing n what not. screeming and smahing things isent fun
also if you dont know what imo is its - in my opinion -

#11 Lyra Heartstring

Lyra Heartstring


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 01:09 PM

I am almost positive that the custom edition for halo CE was fan made

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