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[GameSpot] - Diablo 4 Season Blessing Intended To Earn You More Gold Also Makes Things Cost More


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Diablo IV's Urn of Bargaining season blessing is intended to make it so players find more gold in their pockets, but while that is technically true, it also makes some of the most common ways players spend their gold even more expensive.

As part of Diablo IV Season 1, players who work their way through the game's battle pass periodically unlock Smoldering Ash. This currency can be used to upgrade various seasonal blessings that grant extra benefits over the course of the season, such as more experience gained from killing monsters, or, in the case of the Urn of Bargaining blessing, earning more gold from vendoring items.

Unfortunately, the Urn of Bargaining blessing is currently a double-edged sword. As highlighted and tested live by streamer DatModz, though the blessing can earn players up to 20% more gold from selling items, it appears a bug is making it so repairing items and re-rolling Legendary item affixes also costs 20% more. This is particularly noticeable when re-rolling Legendaries, as doing so consecutively for the same item can easily send the gold cost into the tens of millions.

Blizzard has not yet commented on the issue. Thankfully, players can reallocate the Smoldering Ash they've already spent for a small gold fee, but it seems like a wise decision to avoid investing in the blessing at all until it's fixed. Instead, players can go for the season blessings that increase the chances for obtaining rare salvage materials or finding rare Malignant Hearts.

Diablo IV's first season hasn't been without controversy. The game's massive Season 1 update brought wide-ranging nerfs to multiple aspects of the game, which didn't go over well with many in the Diablo community. Blizzard in response vowed to never release an update similar to the Season 1 update "ever again," saying it "knows it's not the greatest play experience for players out there."

Some improvements, however, are on the way. Diablo IV's next update, patch 1.1.1, will add a single new stash tab, even as Blizzard says adding more inventory space is currently not an option due to performance concerns.

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Your post sheds light on an interesting aspect of Diablo 4 Season 1, particularly the Urn of Bargaining blessing. It's fascinating to see how it affects gold accumulation and expenditure, creating a dynamic gameplay experience. While the intention behind earning more gold is clear, the unintended consequence of increased costs adds another layer of strategy to the game.
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