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[GameSpot] - You Can Now Pay For Digital Xbox Games With Venmo


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The Xbox store will now let you you pay with Venmo and is adding the Pay Later feature to its PayPal integration.

As of this writing, customers in the US can now pay with Venmo on the Xbox store. Compatibility with the Microsoft Store will arrive in the coming months. When you purchase on the Xbox store via Venmo, you can decide to split payments. The Venmo app is also available for download on Xbox.

PayPal Xbox integration will be adding Pay Later in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. With Pay Later, if you are eligible, you can opt to make even, sometimes interest-free, payments across weeks or months.

Here are more details about how Pay Later works. For purchases from $30 to $1,500, you can make four bi-weekly, interest-free payments across six weeks. You'll put down a 25% down payment to start and pay the same amount every two weeks. For qualifying purchases from $199 - $10,000, you can pay in monthly installments, which include interest. The exact interest rate will vary depending the size of the purchase and other factors.

In other Xbox news, you may be able to download a new dashboard update for Xbox as of today. Another recent update lets you map keyboard keys to your controller.

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I remember the days when the only option was to fumble around for credit cards or codes. Adding Venmo as a payment option is a real win, especially for those of us who prefer splitting payments. And the Pay Later feature? That's a lifesaver, especially around the holidays. Reminds me of the time I discovered online bingo games. It was a blast, and I even managed to win a few bucks!

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